Quote of the day: What has happened to the Body of Christ?

Donald Trump won New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada with  27%, 40%, and 33% of the evangelical Christian vote, respectively.

So what that tells us is that a chunk of the Body of Christ — AKA His hands and feet — are aiding and abetting Trump’s sprint past Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. His hands are bringing Trump aid and comfort. His feet are escorting Trump along the road to the nomination.

Ben Shapiro addressed the freakish spectacle, wondering…

“…have evangelicals ever supported an unrepentant. pro-planned parenthood, adulterous strip club owner before?”

He backs up that description of Trump in the video:

What we have is a third of the Church in America that lacks eyes to see what Trump does and ears to hear what Trump says.

We have a third of the church in America so blind and deaf that they clamor after a megalomaniac narcissist with the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old because they think he will save America.

It will be bad for America if Trump wins the presidency, and it will be bad for America if he doesn’t. And we will all reap the consequences. But don’t blame God.  He brought us good alternatives. It will not be His judgment. It will be judgment brought on ourselves.

It was the state of the world that brought us Obama. And so it seems that it is the state of the Church that will  bring us Trump.



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