Donald Trump Campaign Slogans

Just trying to help.

After all, if he’s going to win the nomination, he’ll need to start thinking some up.

As an added bonus, there are a few that the Democrats might be able to use as well!

I’ll update as I think of more.

  • It’s the Total Low-Lifes, Stupid
  • Hey, Hey, RealDJ how many Mexicans did you insult today?
  • Give the Really Dumb Puppets Hell, Donald
  • Make War not Love
  • Power to the People Except Fat Ugly Morons
  • It’s the Dummy-Dopes, Stupid
  • Long and Beautiful Body Parts We Can Believe In
  • Hey, hey RealDJ how many rivals did you belittle today?
  • Power to the People Except Disgusting Breast-Feeders
  • Remember the Bankruptcies!
  • Stay the Coarse
  • Hey, hey, RealDJ how many Women Did You Degrade Today?
  • Windbags of the World, Unite!
  • It’s the Major Losers, Stupid
  • Don’t Swap Curses in Midstream
  • Give Pathetic Losers Hell, Donald!
  • Hey, Hey RealDJ How Many People Did You Threaten To Sue Today?
  • I like Shrike
  • Sandbox Bullies of the World, Unite!
  • It’s Morning With a Young Beautiful Piece of *ss in America
  • Braggadocio We Can Believe In
  • Give the Nasty Weak Phony Disasters Hell, Donald
  • Building a Bitterer Tomorrow


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