Quote of the Day: Kasich opposes religious freedom


Presidential candidate, John Kasich has weighed in on the Oregon bakers who were driven out of business and fined $135,000 because they declined to bake the cake for a gay wedding.  This is what he said:

“I think frankly, our churches should not be forced to do anything that’s not consistent with them. But if you’re a cupcake maker and somebody wants a cupcake, make them a cupcake, Let’s not have a big lawsuit or argument over all this stuff — move on. The next thing, you know, they might be saying, if you’re divorced you shouldn’t get a cupcake.”

“Make them the cupcake?” Really? Is that an order King Kasich? Because I thought we still had a Constitution which mandates that our elected officials stay out of our business.

This removes all doubt about Kasich being a conservative. But it confirms how he views himself. As everybody’s daddy endowing all his patriarchal wisdom on the children who gather at his feet. It’s as if he’s wearing a creepy autocratic Father Knows Best mask.

“Make them the cupcake” indeed. Has he ever heard about the 13th Amendment? It prohibits a thing called “involuntary servitude.” That means that if someone doesn’t want to “make them the cupcake,” they don’t have to “make them the cupcake.”

It’s been in effect for over 200 years, and as far as I can see, divorced people still get to have cupcakes pretty much as often as they want.

Oh and speaking of that, if someone is having a divorce party, a Christian baker should be able to reasonably decline baking the cake for that, too. Even if King Kasich, Mr. Non Sequitur, feels he has been ordained with the authority from God knows where — because it’s not the Constitution he swore to uphold — to command that they “make” it.

It doesn’t matter that his logic is asinine. Bottom line is it’s none of his damn business. Being governor of a state does not give him the right to walk into the kitchens of bakeries and command the owners to “make” anything.

I know it’s been pretty beat up lately, but we still have the Constitution.

Get out, Kasich.


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