It would be a “nice idea” if Bernie’s followers would read the Constitution

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Today Bernie Sanders tweeted that it would be a “nice idea” for Republicans who don’t want to confirm Obama’s replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia “to read the Constitution of the United States.”

He’s implying that if they read the Constitution they would find that the Constitution directs that Republicans allow Barack Obama to destroy the Constitution. Kind of like the Constitution has a death wish or something.

Because that’s exactly what would happen if Obama gets one more shot at packing the court with another leftist revisionist, spouting claptrap about the Constitution living and breathing and being filled with magic emanations of penumbras. (In case you’re wondering, I think “penumbra” means “thing that makes it okay for unelected judges to make laws,” or something like that.) Anyway, this living breathing Constitution is an accommodating impostor, straining to run amuck and clobber the genuine article with whatever fits the mood of the times. That would mean bye-bye to the genuine article, which has had so much blood shed to protect it for many generations.

So, aside from the fact that Sanders seems to think the Constitution is suicidal, he also appears to believe that it directs the Republicans to step back and allow Obama to pack the court with another leftist toady who, unlike Justice Scalia, would look away as he violates the Constitution with impunity as if he’s king in a land where separation of powers never happened.

So, to summarize: Sanders thinks it would be a “nice idea” if the Republicans would shape up and realize that the Constitution mandates that the Constitution be exchanged for a “living breathing” impostor that thinks it lives in the legislative branch; or at the very least, is stomped all over by the chief executive who likes to pretend there is no legislative branch.

Nevertheless, I think it’s great that Bernie Sanders has discovered all this new-found reverence for the Constitution. And with such an originalist, literalist fervor too!

So here’s an idea. How about Bernie Sanders tells his supporters that it would be a “nice idea” if they read the Constitution along with the Republicans? I mean now that Sanders is for it and everything?

Then they could read about enumerated powers and other anti-Bernie-Sanders clauses that the Founders had packed into the document. (They didn’t actually know about Sanders, but they knew very much about people like Sanders.) Enumerated powers mandate that Sanders nor anyone in the  federal government has power over you and me that is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. And it’s not much. That’s how the founders wanted it. They were really into personal liberty, unlike Sanders.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t believe in enumerated powers. Socialists and progressives like Sanders, Obama, and Hillary Clinton believe in the plenary power of the state, which is opposite of enumerated powers. If a state has plenary power over a populace, it is presumed to have power over you in every area except the areas specifically excepted. Fortunately, such a statist construct is diametrically opposed to the Constitution. And fortunately we still have a Constitution that means what it says, thanks to its protectors like Justice Scalia. But Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the progressives want to change that.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Socialists believe in income redistribution, heavy regulation, and government ownership of the private sector. Socialists want to run your life. You can’t have both socialism and enumerated powers. Socialism is not compatible with the United States Constitution.

So, great! I agree with Sanders. It’s a “nice idea” that Republicans read the Constitution, and it’s a “nice idea” that Bernie Sanders’ supporters read the Constitution. Bernie Sanders said so. So it’s okay! He’s for the Constitution now! Don’t worry! It won’t bite!

Oh and by the way, just for the record. The Constitution does not have a death wish. It is not going to direct the Republicans that they have to allow it to be destroyed. It will tell the Republicans that Barack Obama has every right to nominate someone who will destroy the Constitution, but the Republicans don’t have to confirm that person.

I’m sure the Founders were thinking about such a time as this when they made that provision.

Read it. It’s in the Constitution.


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