My advice for Marco Rubio


Boy I sure hope someone let Marco Rubio know that the New York Times thinks his objection to Donald Trump’s campaign trail potty mouth is “personal and aggressive,” so he’ll know to adjust his behavior accordingly.

In fact, to be on the safe side, Rubio probably should just call the New York Times every morning to inquire how he is to comport himself that day: Should he volatile and sling mud? Or would they prefer the mature stateman who rises above it all?

I’m being sarcastic. Sorry. Sometimes I can’t control it. But seriously, come on. Wasn’t it just yesterday that the entire journalistic universe was in meltdown about Rubio’s colossal blunder of refusing to engage while Chris Christy was slamming him like a school-yard bully at the New Hampshire debate? The press has been clucking about it ever since.

Except when they take a break to accuse Rubio of being too “personal and aggressive.”

Really this latest shriek-fest about the Christy exchange is why debates always leave me annoyed and disillusioned. Not with the candidates, with the journalists and their endless “analysis.” In my most cynical moments I swear they really don’t care about who demonstrated himself or herself as the most knowledgeable and qualified through their command of the facts and critical thinking skills. They’re too busy looking for one inelegant moment or low-blow so that they can set off such a cacophony of a howl-fest that no one could ever hear much less remember any useful substantial evidence that might help them figure out which candidate might… I don’t know… make a good president.

If they really did want to foster that kind of substantive thought, they would have recognized Rick Perry’s brief brain-freeze during the 2012 race had no bearing on his ability to lead, and moved on. They would not have exulted and gushed for twenty years straight following Lloyd Bentsen’s nasty, “you’re no John Kennedy” snark at Dan Quayle. And, even as charming as it was, Reagan’s “there you go again,” would not have afforded him any points against Jimmy Carter.

And they would have realized, as I instantly did, that Rubio had simply decided he wasn’t going be slug it out with Christy, and he was just trying to take the high road by redirecting the aggression to their democratic opponents.

But they didn’t and that’s why these debates are just a tiresome parade of coiffed, powdered muck-peddlers exulting in their ability to make or break someone’s future over a five-second non-event, just because they can.

UPDATED because I read this in the light of day and saw all of my embarrassing spelling errors.

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