Quote of the day… Equality of opportunity or equality of result?


Socialist societies are marked by economic stagnation

“The American political-economic order aimed at equality of opportunity, and feared attempts to engineer equality of result, which is what the Democrats use the coercive power of the federal government to achieve.” — Bruce Thornton, in FrontPage Magazine. 

When you think about it, there is only equality of opportunity or nothing. Equality of results requires the confiscation and redistribution of the fruits of opportunities taken. But opportunities cease to be opportunities when the reward connected with them is gone. Then what are we left with?

It reminds me of Winston Churchill’s description of socialism as the “equal sharing of miseries.”

It never hurts to refresh our awareness of the Founders, as this piece does. They were motivated by their knowledge of history, study of the nature of mankind, and by their determination to ensure the liberty of generations yet unborn.

Such as this generation which has an avowed socialist filling stadiums with clueless youngsters who are determined to put him in the White House.









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