Quote of the day… Let’s keep heart surgery safe and legal!

“Of course, most of us would also be grossed out hearing a bunch of heart surgeons talk shop over drinks with their colleagues, but luckily for people who need legal access to bypass surgery, no one is using the “ew gross” argument to try to ban heart surgery.”

Amanda Marcotte, in a piece in Salon, about undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress in which abortionists discuss killing techniques which would optimize the yield of salable organs.

Someone help me here. Is she saying that people who think crushing babies is “gross” don’t want people to have heart surgery because it’s gross too? Or that since heart surgery is both gross and good then killing tiny people and harvesting their brains has to be good because it’s gross too? Or is she saying that people who think its “gross” to pull the hearts out of freshly killed babies are probably all for coronary blockages, love angina, wouldn’t even do CPR on his or her own uncle if he keeled over during Thanksgiving dinner?

Just free-wheeling a little here, because I don’t get these people at all.

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