Comment of the day… Why not just stay in California?

“…they fly into areas of strong economic growth and like locust gnaw on it till it is wasted away, then fly off to the next abundant field.”

Commenter, John W. Kerr’s, characterization of a twenty-something man who appears to have fled the ravages of California socialism in order to sample the bounty of Texas-style free market, all the while extolling the virtues of California-style socialism. (Thanks to Instapundit.)

Update: It appears that the article is satire. Hahaha! Those whacky tricksters!! 😛  😛 😛 Of course it would NEVER happen in real life… as in Californians ruining California and then moving to red states to escape the ruination but then ruining those states too. (See I can do satire too!!)

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