Quote of the day… Would it have been ok if they had felinized it instead?

“What magical chrysalis occurs, when the embryo goes from non-human to human status?”

Rhetorical question posed by Smitty at The Other McCain, in response to NARAL’s freakout over a goofy commercial that portrays a man and his kid’s mutual obsession with Doritos.

Yes, Doritos. Those spiced-up  chemical-ridden little horrors that over-ride your good judgment, trigger your scarf reflex, and cover your fingers with a disgusting orange residue.

Everyone knows they are a commie plot. But that’s not what bugs NARAL. What bugs NARAL was that the kid was still en utero, and its obsession was documented via ultrasound. Their objection? Doritos has engaged in a “tactic” of “humanizing fetuses.”

How does anyone “humanize anything?” Do we really have that power? I could go on and on, but reallly, though, just read Smitty’s remark in full. There is really nothing to add, except that this world is insane:

“I realize we’re not supposed to ask “hahrd” questions, but it would be helpful if the Servants of Moloch could explain something. Accepting for the sake of argument that humans are not continuously human from conception on through death, how DOES the fetus transition from non-human to human state? What magical chrysalis occurs, when the embryo goes from non-human to human status? I realize that this is a key component of abortion mythology, but I’ve never heard any proponent of the fiction explain it.”


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