Well That’s Rich…


Hypocrisy alert: Think Progress is warning the world that the videos which exposed Planned Parenthood’s secret baby parts store are “heavily edited.”

So let me get this straight: Think Progress is accusing someone besides Think Progress of manipulating public thought by editing out content that doesn’t advance their agenda? They want to rescue those who may naively find conversations about procuring brains, kidneys, and livers — or if you choose the “intact cadavers” — of intentionally killed tiny humans a little…. I don’t know…. despicable?

Are you kidding me? These guys have the all-out gall to lecture anyone about editing videos?

I think psychologists call that “projection.” The folks at Think Progress are the masters of video bull-crap, edited with a microscope and X-Acto knife. Here’s what happened:

Back in its early days, there was a huge campaign to prevent the Tea Party from exposing the massive growth of the federal government under President Obama. The left didn’t want any discourse on the subject, so they ramped up their typical smokescreen of name-calling and slander. Before long, the movement found itself dealing with a scourge of leftists showing up at their rallies disguised as Nazis, KKK freaks, African witch doctors, etc. The Tea Party responded with a counter-offensive, identifying the plants and stalking them with signs that read such things as “Infiltrator” and “Not One of Us.”

That’s where Think Progress came in. They too wanted to mute the Tea Party’s message by smearing them as a hotbeds of racists and hate groups, and the crashers provided just the visuals they needed. It must have been painstaking work, editing out all of the “Left Wing Stooge” signs, but they came up with a video that “proved” just what they intended.

Okay, so there are two things to take from this: (1) Think Progress will go to amazing lengths to make you think your next door neighbor who doesn’t want his taxes to go up is a Nazi. (2) Think Progress will go to amazing lengths to make you think that someone discussing the splitting of “intact fetal cadavers” for shipment is not a Nazi. Or like one.

Somebody should stalk Think Progress with a “Liar” sign.




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