Republicans cannibals… when are you going to stop eating your own?

If you’re reading this you will notice that I haven’t updated this blog in about a year, ever since I went back to school.  And I don’t have time to update it right now.  I am buried in assignments and behind in a certification review class for a very important and expensive test that I am taking later this month.

However, I started this blog because every once in a while I have to write something down, because the only other alternative is kicking the kitchen table leg, and that hurts.

I am writing this down, even though I’ve never heard of Todd Akin before yesterday, because a 10 second glance at Facebook and Memorandum tells me that he is running for office and he said something naughty, picked a wrong adjective or something in a statement about abortion, and now he’s being punished in the uniquely vicious, hair-pulling, sixth-grade-mean-girly face-stomping that our vaunted high-minded American media can muster. 

I haven’t read anything about this. Only the headlines. (There’s about six thousand just on Memeorandum alone.)  And I don’t intend to. I don’t have time, and I’ve read it all before. I could probably recite the articles, just by replacing the name Akin with about 25 other hapless Republicans from years gone by.

I just wish they would shut up because I need to study and I can’t because I’m too irritated.

I’m irritated at American robots who have no moral compass which can generate its own outrage. They become outraged when they are told to. Barbara Boxer says that a women’s right to terminate her pregnancy should be extended to five days or so after birth. Should I be outraged now asks the American people? No? Okay. I’ll be quiet.

Barack Obama would not support a bill that mandated medical attention for a live birth after attempts to kill the child in the womb failed, because he thinks it’s perfectly fine to leave them in a closet until they die. Should I be outraged now asks the American people? No? Okay. I’ll be quiet.

Todd Akin muses that it is his understanding that conception doesn’t usually take place in the case of “legitimate rape” because of the trauma involved (“defense mechanism” I think he said, I’m not sure and I don’t have time to verify his exact words). Should I be outraged now asks the American people? Yes? Okay! Blahhh!!!!!! Blahhhh!!!!! Blahhhh!!!!!

I’m irritated at my fellow Republicans. Not surprised though. Republicans are known cannibals who attack, destroy and eat each other in a heartbeat. Just ask James Watt, Trent Lott, and George W. Bush.

That’s one think you can say for Democrats, they don’t eat their own. If you’re pro-choice, you can get away with anything. You drop your pants in front of a young hotel employee and sexually molest a star-struck intern in the Oval Office and then go on a search-and-destroy mission against them through character assassination, and Democrats will back you up all the way.

Not Republicans though. They have one finger on the trap-door button awaiting the go-ahead from the PC police and you’re history. I’m not only irritated. I’m disgusted with you.

Todd Akin was incorrect, apparently on a medical point:  that conception is not likely to happen when a woman is in a traumatized state. And – gasp – he used the word “legitimate” in front of the word rape and was immediately damned by the P.C. police. Any fair-minded sober person can clearly see that by “legitimate” he meant First Degree Felony Rape — the vicious, violent, terrifying stranger rape as opposed to marital rape or statutory rape. The kind of rape where it makes sense that conception may not be likely to occur, or not. I have heard that before, and I never thought the mere suggestion was an outrage. Why does stating it make Akin Hitler incarnate, even if it’s not true. He wasn’t evil, just incorrect.

And why don’t the PC Police freak out on the Model Penal Code? That’s where the degrees of rape are defined. Akin just picked the wrong adjective in a spur of the moment remark. Horrors! Maybe when he’s done groveling and returns from his two-decade exile in the uranium mines of Siberia, he can restart his political career… and bring a teleprompter this time.  

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