Gipper disguise exposes the true Obama: Political opportunist and hypocrite

Egads. Did President Obama really say, “If not now, when?” during the debt ceiling negotiations with Republicans yesterday?

In what context, I wonder?

Was it “if not now, when” as in: You better agree to take another trillion in would-be workers’ wages out of the hands of their would-be employers (who at "some point" have “made enough money”) because, “if not now, when?”

Or this: Sure I tripled the deficit in two years with a failed stimulus and wasteful pork barrel projects, and it didn’t work; which clearly means I should have quadrupled it instead. So pay up, losers, because, “if not now, when?”

I suspect both.

I still remember when Reagan said “If not us, who? If not now, when?” in his Second Inaugural Address. It struck a chord with me at the time, because Reagan had backed up the words with action: sacrifice, integrity, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Unfortunately with Obama, it’s just words.

It’s not exactly a shocker, that when the debt ceiling negotiations are going south, Obama would pull out his old Gipper suit. He’s done it before. Obama and his tax-and-spend accomplices are quite prone to create their very own Reaganstein imposter when it suits their agenda. Never mind that the zombie Reaganstein is a counterfeit, cobbled together to advance everything that the true Reagan fought against.  

And of course that means trotting out that old Gipper suit, draping it over failed socialistic policies and nipping and tucking until it looks like a fit – at least to those who know little about the real thing.

That’s why Obama was channeling zombie Reaganstein yesterday and by implication lying about Reagan’s record. Reagan was all for raising taxes! And that’s because taxes stimulate the economy. And that’s what Reagan did, he raised taxes, and the economy recovered!

Come on. Don’t make me sick.

Reagan took a big ole chainsaw — kind of like the one he used to clear brush on his ranch — to chop back government, lopping income taxes across the board down by a quarter. The top rate was 70% when he took control of Carter’s wheezing economy, and eight years later the economy was doing cartwheels while the top bracket was only paying 28%

That took courage and guts. For Obama to invoke Reagan’s words in his drive to stick job-producing taxpayers with the bill for his failed stimulus scheme and madcap spending is tantamount to a draft dodger flaunting a dead hero’s Medal of Honor. 

Because when Reagan was clearing the deadwood out of government, Obama was sitting at the feet of his “Marxist professors” and, later, Reverend Jeremiah Wright – opposing everything Reagan stood for.

So why quote Reagan? Why not quote his good buddy Wright?

Silly me. What was I thinking? Everybody knows you can’t say “G*d d*amn America” in the White House.

Can you?

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