What happens when the takers outnumber the givers among us?

Hat tip to Bill McKee with the Clackamas, Oregon, chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

This is interesting. A majority of American households paid no federal income taxes in 2009… and 30% of households actually got refunds on funds that were never withheld in the first place. (Pardon me for just a moment while I go find a dictionary. I need to confirm the definition of the word "refund.")

Am I the only one who finds this whole thing vaguely problematic? Because I have a gut feeling that this just isn't healthy — sociologically and demographically or something — and just plain no fair. 

Because what I see is that we have become a nation of givers and takers… and voters. So maybe I'm being simplistic, but with the takers starting to creep over the midline and into the majority, aren't we heading toward the day when they can tell their givers: "We can plan policies very well and your input isn't needed, thank you very much. Now shut up, butt out, and get back to work so you can keep paying for our roads, bridges, educations, meals, medical care, national defense and so on. Oh, and by the way, the disability check for my anxiety disorder better not be late again this month.   

Seriously, can a democracy stay healthy when one group of voting households is forced to pick up the tab for a second group which also happens to call the shots because they have the numbers and clout to sway public policy toward their own interests through the power of the ballot-box?

Bill McKee's take:

This explains a lot. Americans have been sold the idea that they can use government as their own "mafia".. an agent that will use force to collect from 1/2 of the American households, to pay the other 1/2… after taking a cut to cover cushy salaries, vacations, retirement plans, etc. Government has become, for many, a convenient extortion. It reduces the amounts available to the truly needy. At the same time, it taxes quite heavily the very best ideas, services, product innovations… I think we have re-examine what it means to be America and what is the American Dream. A land of equal opportunity.. unburdened by complex and unjustifiable regulations.. or are we going to become another failed nation that turned it's back on the causes of our historic rise to prosperity, liberty, and beacon of hope for mankind?

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