Video: Big government plus big spending equals big poverty

I guess it's just part of the human mosaic represented in any society. There will always be hardworking innovators, and there will always be lazy con artists. There are givers, takers, gossips, and rubberneckers. And then there is the seemingly omnipresent control freak who believes so strongly in his own pre-eminence, that he thinks it right and fitting to confiscate and spend his neighbor's paycheck for him — because the hard-working old dunce can't be trusted to buy the things that he should if left to his own devices.

No surprise there. Those types have been around forever. What never ceases to amaze me, though, are the number of workers who actually buy into the socialist lie that surrendering their economic freedom will eradicate homelessness, poverty, and disease. 

With socialism's track record, you would think by now it would be nigh on impossible to con the proletariat, especially with each successive power grab leading to the inevitable train wreck. I mean, don't these people think to ask for references or something before just turning in the American dream for a sanctimoniously touted better idea? Wouldn't they check out a contractor's work before hiring him to remodel their kitchen? Or peruse Consumer Reports before buying a new car? Doesn't it strike them odd that there are no references or good reports attached to President Obama's big fat government, big fat spending, wealth redistribution schemes? And that maybe that's because there aren't any!

I swear these people would buy diet pills from Michael Moore!

People! Keep your paychecks! It's your own hard-earned money, and it's your patriotic duty to buy whatever you damn well please with it! And, strange as it may sound, the homeless, elderly, and afflicted are depending on you, because history has proven over and over that economic freedom for you is their best hope, not wealth redistribution and busybody, mommy-government with a bunch of over-inflated narcissists intent on spreading the misery around just because they want run everyone else's lives.

This video makes the point very well. And I have weak hope that it might educate some. But I also suspect that the wealth spreaders already know the score, and don't care. And if Six-Pack himself has lived in this world for more than two decades and still buys the lie that confiscation and redistribution of income reduces poverty and disease, he's clearly blind and deaf and has been for a some time.

Hat tip to Hot Air.

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