When will the left stop lying about Bush’s record?

Okay, okay, okay. Wait a minute, hold on. I'm watching O'Reilly, and did Dean Baker from the Center for Economic and Policy Research really just tell Laura Ingraham that the financial meltdown and all of its repercussions were caused by "cutbacks in government?"

That's funny. I thought it was caused by Democrats bullying banks into abandoning sound business plans and forcing them to extend credit to the uncreditworthy. That doesn't sound like"cutbacks in government" to me.

But that doesn't stop Baker from manufacturing his very own parallel reality where "big on the free markets" President Bush, along with Alan Greenspan "ignored the build-up of an 8 trillion dollar housing bubble that collapsed" and so naturally are the culprits behind everything that happened from then on.

Ignored? Dost my ears deceive me? Ignored?

Is this some new Democrat strategy? Throw as many lies as you can against the wall in the hopes that some of them will stick? Oh well, I guess  that's all you have left when the truth isn't an option.

Unfortunately, there's always the risk that the deceit will be exposed. Kind of like now. 

Here is a list of attempts by the Bush Administration to sound the alarm on the housing bubble. (Thanks to Gateway Pundit) I would list it all here, but it's too long. It seems that President Bush tried many many times to ward off disaster, but he was thwarted by the Democrats on Capitol Hill.

And here's a video overview of Bush's and the Capitol Hill Republicans' unsuccessful efforts to avert disaster


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