Bernie Goldberg: Conservatives need a race card, too

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg and Juan Williams mused about whether Jon Stewart’s use of a “Negro dialect” while ridiculing presidential candidate, Herman Cain, was racist. Which, of course was a pointless discussion based upon a false premise. Everyone knows Jon Stewart can’t be a racist, because he’s a lefty. And you can’t be both.

Incidentally, “Negro dialect” is Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid’s (D-NV) pet phrase, not mine. But no worries. Harry Reid is a lefty, too, so he’s okay. Really. Ask the lefties in the media. He could have said much worse, and the mainstream media would have yawned and then resume shrieking at some Republican for saying “watermelon” or something. That’s because lefties advocate policies that disintegrate black families and trap black children into generational tar pits of dependence upon leftist programs and an endless cycle of misery, discontent, and bales of Democrat votes. And one out of three is okay. At least it is if you’re an opportunistic U.S. Senator or a complicit news reporter.

But I digress. Anyway, Goldberg told Williams that Stewart is not a racist, but he was going to call him one anyway:

I’m calling on all the media people on the conservative side to call every liberal a racist if they criticize Herman Cain for anything, because that’s what they do when we criticize Barack Obama for the stimulus or for Obamacare — they call us racist. It’s slanderous, so we’re going to slander them until they stop.

So here we have it. Conflagration meet inferno in the left-dominated slaughterhouse of public discourse… at least that’s what Bernie Goldberg is pushing for.

Well Jon Stewart breaks into his Amos and Andy routine to mock Herman Cain, but of course Jon Stewart isn’t a racist, because as we all know liberals can’t possibly be racists. However, if Rush Limbaugh, if Sean Hannity had done that — if Bill O’Reilly had done that or if I had done that — it would take about three seconds before liberals in and out of the media would yell racist at us. So here’s my solution, Juan. Starting right now conservatives have to throw around the word “racism” as cavalierly as liberals have been doing it for years and years. So tonight I’m going to tell you that Jon Stewart, because of what he did, is a racist. I don’t believe that, but I’m going to tell you that anyway. I’m also going to tell you that anybody who criticizes Herman Cain, a black man, for any position that he has… any liberal who criticizes him for his foreign policy, his domestic policy, or anything, I’m going to tell you that they’re also racist.  I don’t believe that either, but maybe, maybe if conservatives repeatedly call liberals racists in this unfair way maybe they’ll finally see how cheesy and cheap and unfair and slanderous it is what they’re doing, and maybe they’ll stop playing this race crapola card at long last. I don’t think they will, but I’m hoping they will . 

UPDATED, because I forgot to run the spellchecker or insert the links. Sigh. That'll teach me to hit "publish" while in caffeine deficit and talking on the phone.

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