Did Pakistani Intelligence cheat on us with Bin Laden’s courier?

The New York Times is reporting that, while there is "no smoking gun," the U.S. was an unwitting member of a duplicitous daisy-chain that included Pakistani militants, Pakistani intelligence, and Osama bin Laden himself.

The speculation surrounds contact information found on the seized cell phone of Obama's "trusted courier," probably around the time that the greasy old coot was giving some poor reef fish acid indigestion. Here is what we know from examination of the phone.

1. Obama's "trusted courier" was talking to both Bin Laden and a militant group called Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen.

2. In turn the Harakat commanders were talking to what the NYT calls "Pakistani intelligence officers."

3. And then I only presume that the Pakistani intelligence officers were talking to our guys, since they were supposed to be on our side, right?

At least that's what I'm getting from the this: (Or read the whole thing here:)

In tracing the calls on the cellphone, American analysts have determined that Harakat commanders had called Pakistani intelligence officials, the senior American officials said. One said they had met. The officials added that the contacts were not necessarily about Bin Laden and his protection and that there was no “smoking gun” showing that Pakistan’s spy agency had protected Bin Laden.

But the cellphone numbers provide one of the most intriguing leads yet in the hunt for the answer to an urgent and vexing question for Washington: How was it that Bin Laden was able to live comfortably for years in Abbottabad, a town dominated by the Pakistani military and only a three-hour drive from Islamabad, the capital?

Hat tip to The Other McCain.

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