Terrorist dupes shed blood at Israel-Syria border

This is what happens when Israel trusts the United Nations and surrenders territory to her enemies.

Warning: Snark alert.

Picky, picky. Israel certainly hasn't gotten rid of her little hang-up about keeping space between Hezbollah rockets and Jewish population centers. I don't know why. All the other times Israel has abandoned the defensive buffers that keep the raving, antiemetic, mass murderers who surround her at bay, it's always worked out just fine. Hasn't it?

Like in 2000, when Israel backed out of Syrian-infiltrated Lebanon at the urging of the United Nations.The UN and Hezbollah promptly set up camp right at the edge of the "blue line," hoisted their flags next to each other, had a festive barbecue. Then just for the fun of it, Hezbollah fired a few Katyusha rockets into Kiryat Shmona, using lit pages of United Nations Resolution 1559 to ignite the fuses.

All I can say is that Israel just needs to learn to trust. So, tsk tsk to this:

According to reports, around noon, about 150 protesters made their way to the international border fence and began stoning IDF troops and attempting to cut through the fence.

IDF forces called on the demonstrators to cease their progress, before firing warning shots in mid-air. Once those were ignored as well, the troops fired at the lower extremities of several major dissidents inflaming the crowds.

I regret the deaths, but at least these misguided do-gooders were warned. I understand that such courtesies have not been extended to the citizens of Northern and Southern Israel who have been terrorized by rocket attacks since Israel withdrew from Lebanon and Gaza.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

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