RINO Mitt Romney’s solution to global recession… save the fake drowning polar bears!

 Wizbang Blog thinks Mitt Romney's recently declared belief in man-made global warming puts him "effectively" out of the 2012 presidential race:

I'm with Bryan Preston of PJM's Tatler on this: "Stick a fork in Mitt?"  Between this and his inability to admit error with regard to Romeycare?  Hell yes. […]

UPDATE: Commenter "Bob" also points to Romney's endorsement of Ethanol subsidies in the comments.  The common thread (Romney Care, AGW, and Ethanol subsidies) is Big Government.  We've had way too much Big Government, and don't need a Big Government champion as the GOP nominee.

Please, somebody convince me that they are right. That the Republicans would never saddle us with a nominee who's looking more and more like the current disaster at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Would they? Nah! McCain who? Lalala, I can't hear you.

We already knew about Romney's little foray into Obamacare-lite, but this is too much to swallow. For Pete's sake, the guy's hat hadn't even hit the ring, and he was already the Next One who's gonna heal the planet and slow the rise of the tides and all that crap.

Honestly, what is it with these guys and their delusions of grandeur? Clearly, it's high time the American Psychological Association formulates a DSM-IV category just for presidential candidates and their messiah complexes.

What does this portend for a Romney administration? More drilling moratoriums? More demagogic poison pills — like Cap and Trade and Kyoto — forced down the throats of industrious free marketeers? More guilt trips on the backs of evil Americans who should repent, quit producing, liquidate their assets and embark on mule cart pilgrimages to the Himalayas to beg the peasants' forgiveness for melting their glaciers with their selfish capitalist blow torches?

Or here's a better idea. How about Romney and Obama go. Together. After 2012, of course, when, God willing, neither one of them will have anything better to do. 

There's just one problem. Someone better advise them to ditch the sunscreen and stock up on parkas and snowshoes. Not that I have the slightest hope that they would listen. They haven't so far, have they?

Even if they did finally get it, though, they should still go. Because apologies are very much in order. Not for capitalism, but for the hunger and food shortages that always follow when do-gooder government starts messing around in the free market… like misguided junk science-mandated ethanol subsidies.

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