Creepy son says honoring Ronald Reagan is like a sexual “fetish”

Rational people don’t admire Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments, according to Ron Jr.

It seems that Ron Reagan, Jr., will continue to  remind us that he has nothing but contempt for anything and everything his father stood for:

In a new interview with the BBC, Ron Reagan, Jr., son of the late president, called his father “a fetish object for the far right.”  Expanding on his point, the younger Reagan calls President Ronald Reagan “sort of the rubber bustier of the far right.”

Reagan Jr.’s remarks came when the BBC’s Matt Frei asked him, “Are you happy the way [Ronald Reagan] is remembered in this country, especially by the conservatives?”

“Oh, I just think it’s inevitable,” Reagan Jr. responded.  “Who else are they going to remember that way?  Richard Nixon?  I don’t think so.  Warren Harding?  Maybe.  But he is a fetish object for the far right, he’s sort of the rubber bustier of the far right — you know, they all have to go and touch him, as it were.”

In other words, Junior just can’t figure out why any rational person would honor his father’s legacy; so he put on his Junior Psychologist badge, and now he’s got it all figured out: Some people are inspired by a man who rescued the economy, ended the cold war and freed millions; and some people are inspired by groping rubber boobs. Tomato, tomahto.

That’s right, Ron. Keep it classy for the old man. And now would you do me a favor and “diagnose” yourself?

What do you bet for an encore he would diagnose Abraham Lincoln admirers with Tourette Syndrome, as it were.

Hat tip to Hot Air.


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