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Why do lefty bloggers and a sour grapes senator want to divorce Ronald Reagan from the Tea Party?

Who would have predicted that a retired Republican Senator from Utah would become the left wing’s leading expert on Ronald Reagan and the Tea Party movement? No one, I’m sure. Nevertheless, it happened last week when some lefty bloggers venerated Bob Bennett’s recent sour grapes snark-fest to Greta Van Susteren as if he’d been channeling Che Guevara […]

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Has Planned Parenthood Become a Political Liability for President Obama?

Originally published on Newsreal Blog.  Interesting. When faced with video-taped evidence that Planned Parenthood (PP) has more compassion for pedophiles, child traffickers, and pimps than their victims, did President Obama damn his longstanding political inamorata with faint apologia? Obama was quizzed about the controversy surrounding PP during an interview last Thursday. After Live Action Films […]

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