Barney Frank: Republicans are in “Cloud Cuckoo Land” because they don’t believe in the magic money tree

Barney Frank (D-MA) pulls up his trousers after mooning America.

Awesome… Because of my hero, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), I'm actually looking forward calculating next month's budget… Because I really need a vacation, and a new car, and the shower is getting dirty so I think it's about time we get a new one… bathroom, I mean.

The beautiful part is that when Donny protests that we'd have to finance it all with Monopoly money, I'll just tell him he's in "cloud cuckoo land!" I can't wait! Thanks, Barney!

Seriously, it's unbeilevable that anyone would listen to anything that Mr. Fannie Mae says as we flail about for dear life in the fiscal tar mire that he and all his socialist buddies drove us into. Honestly, isn't this a little bit like taking advice from the designer of the Hindenberg on aircraft safety?

Healthcare, Porkulus, Cash for Clunkers, on and on and on. Everything this guy touches turns into rotten apples — that are then forced down our throats. If anything is glaring proof that the government shouldn't run anything in the private sector, it is the specter of  Frank still holding court on Capitol Hill and inflicting his pearls of wisdom on the country. If he had held a position of similar responsibility in the private sector, he would have quietly disappeared long ago, never to have been heard from again.

Anyway, here is another breathtaking episode of running, jumping, and pole-vaulting gall. Kudos to the author, though, for allowing us a small morsel of comic relief by referring to old Mashed Potato Mouth as "sharped tongued."  Ha ha! Good one!

Perhaps no better example has come than what was on offer Wednesday night, when sharp-tongued Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) accused Republican lawmakers of being in "cloud cuckoo land" for their maneuvers in the spending debate.  

Frank pointed to a largely symbolic bill, proposed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), mandating that if the Senate does not approve a government funding measure by April 8, the House-passed spending proposal would become "the law of the land." The Senate is highly unlikely to pass the bill since it already rejected the House proposal.

"It is possible to take him literally, and he says this will become the law of the land — you don't understand what land he is talking about," Frank countered in an interview on MSNBC. "As with Congresswoman [Michele] Bachmann [R-Minn.] and some others, we are talking about people who sometimes inherit — inhabit — 'cloud cuckoo land.' And in 'cloud cuckoo land,' yeah, that could be the case."

As always, good satire really drives the point home… enjoy.

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