Evil capitalists dump cold, white global warming all over Mt. Kilimanjaro… I think

Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.

As if we needed any more evidence that environmental statists intend to cling to the sinking Global Warming ship until the bitter end. Or, I would imagine, until they find some other club to beat wealth and liberty out of hardworking capitalist America.

Covered in mist most of the day, Mount Kilimanjaro is the most tourist attractive site in Tanzania, pulling in tens of thousands of tourists each year. The snow, which once disappeared in some parts of the mountain is mounting slowly, giving a beautiful view of the Kibo peak.

A visit by our Tanzania eTurboNews reporter to Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes proved that there were changes on the mountain snow, which has been covering some parts of the mountain where once the ice had melted.

Sources from the mountain environmental watchdog groups said the snow could mount to cover most areas of the mountain, but the effects of climate change and global warming could still affect the mountain’s snow layers which are becoming thinner and thinner.

Of course, to really understand what they are saying, you need to read “climate change and global warming” as “Evil American capitalists are barbecuing the planet and starving babies and therefore should pay restitution to everyone and have their business affairs scrutinized by nosy bureaucrats and be smothered by a sticky tar of regulations until they give up and lay in bed and watch television all day.”

Blah blah blah. Another article about how you and I are selfish pigs, visiting drought and famine upon desperately poor nations in Africa and Asia… but with a twist! Because… let’s see: The snow is melting, or the snow is increasing, or the snow is increasing but in “thinner” layers, or the snow is increasing but the glaciers are sure to melt anytime, and anyway it’s all your fault so sign this waiver on your constitutional rights or else.

I guess this is Al Gore’s very own variety of “settled science.” Except, unfortunately for Gore and his fellow totalitarians, it’s getting colder everywhere, not just Mt. Kilimanjaro — as this graphic from the Daily Mail demonstrates (hat tip to Watt’s up with That).

This could be the biggest blow to the forces of global tyranny since Ronald Reagan taught the Soviets that they can’t extinguish our capitalist spirit through military might — but it was a close one. For a few bleak years it looked like the next wave of America haters had a decent shot at demagoguing our freedom to death… until Mother Nature put their dreams on ice.

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