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The ACLU wins case, muzzles judge – with the First Amendment

Originally posted on Newsreal Blog. Well, file this one under blatant historic revisionism and Christophobic hypocrisy. It seems that Judge James DeWeese, of the County Court of Common Pleas in Ohio, got caught red-handed practicing free expression without the approval of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and will pay for his insolence with an […]

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Unhinged professor tells students their children will “die in an ugly way” because of them

 Hat tip to Gather. Imagine that. Chicken Little has been given a pulpit, tenure, and a captive audience… but I don’t think he’s wearing them well. Seriously though, it’s really getting high time for a students’ Bill of Rights. No, scratch that. That shipped sailed three years ago when Boulder High School hired Antonio Sacre to come and […]

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Your SUV caused the Egyptian riots

My latest post on Newsreal. Global Warming alarmist, blogger, and amateur diplomat, Joe Romm, was correct when he wrote that that there is a cruel and inveterate villain inflaming passions in Egypt – hunger. Unfortunately, however, he couldn’t just leave it there. Like all good left-wing propagandists, he obeyed Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “no crisis […]

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If this is a recovery, I want the recession back!

Unemployment ticked up again in January, but no worries. This isn’t a recession. This is a recovery. Eighteen months recovering and counting. Nevertheless, I thought it over and decided that I want the recession back. These recoveries are murder. Shouldn’t recovery mean something good is about to happen, like … I don’t know… recovering? Apparently not, and don’t bother going for the dictionary; it won’t […]

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These were the lucky ones

Hat tip to Hal Lindsey. I wonder what it’s like? Another day, another punishing rocket for the egregious sin of existing. You know, the usual, every day things. Getting married… minding your own business… BEING BORN. You gotta wonder… where are those sanctimonious busybody harpies at Code Pink? Oh, I forgot. They’re too busy giving […]

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