Unhinged tea-bagger goes berserk because Sarah Palin was born or something

 Just kidding, but don’t think the left wouldn’t find some way to tar her with it if they could. Here’s what happened.

A far left union thug assaulted young conservative, and friend, Tabitha Hale today at a protest by a Communications Workers of America at the offices of Freedom Works.

And I thought all the profane, hate-spewing union thugs were in Wisconsin right now, calling Governor Walker “Hitler” because he can’t spin money out of straw. 

This must really tick off the lefty bloggers who are always on the watch for an opportunity to keep the Tea Party from making their case before the American people, usually by burying them under accusations of behavior just like this. They would have a field day if Tea Partiers would only legitimize their slander by striking young female bloggers and waving hateful signs. And it would save them a lot of trouble installing plants and doctoring video tapes.

Some bloggers are speculating that the CWA thug who attacked Hale may have been incited by Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA) who told union members yesterday to “get out onto the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

Nah. I’m sure it was Palin’s crosshairs that set him off.

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