Rep. David Wu: Living proof that ANY pro-choice Democrat can get re-elected in Oregon

Hat tip to Robert Stacy McCain.

I suppose, being that he is a Democrat, it figures that months of erratic behavior from Rep. David Wu (D-OR) would just be coming to light now. 

Three days before the Nov. 2 election, U.S. Rep. David Wu’s most loyal and senior staffers were so alarmed by his erratic behavior that they demanded he enter a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

Their concern had been spiking for weeks in tandem with the Oregon Democrat’s increasingly unpredictable performance on the campaign trail and in private. He was loud and sometimes angry, some of them told The Oregonian. He said kooky things to staff and — more worrisome with a tough election fast approaching — around potential voters and donors.

It sounds like he may be suffering from an organic psychiatric condition, which calls for compassion as a fellow human being; and I hope and pray that he gets the help he needs. That said, is it really ethical for a campaign to cover up for a candidate who is clearly suffering from a debilitating mental illness? Because details are now emerging that his staff limped him through the waning days of the campaign, propping him up behind a phony facade of their creation and keeping him safely wrapped in cotton-wool until after he was re-elected.

Campaign staffers were seeing an entirely different picture of the campaign than the public. Upbeat Facebook feeds under Wu’s name, written by his communications team, appeared on the campaign’s website. They bore little similarity to real life within the campaign, which by then had split largely into two — Wu and the rest of staff.

He made few campaign appearances and near the end of the campaign was even placed under what one campaign official characterized as “house arrest.” A spokesman disputed that, saying Wu went to a football game that Saturday and on other errands and activities through the weekend.

Was that the right thing to do? I mean, this is a U.S. Congressmen… a pretty responsible job. Last time I counted, Oregon only had five. And as for Wu’s district, he’s all they got. Or they got what they deserved. I haven’t quite sorted that out yet.

Then, as The Oregonian stated, many of those staffers resigned right after the election. Why not before? Classy of them to get him safely ensconced another term, and then drop the problem in the laps of his unsuspecting constituents and hustle their little tails out of Dodge. I realize that it was probably a difficult position to be in, but you still have to wonder if those handlers are truly loyal to the interests of Oregon, and by extension the entire country, or if they were just concerned with advancing their own partisan agendas.

Incidentally, it seems that the Oregonian didn’t want to go there in this latest piece, but Wu’s creepy past has been common knowledge around these parts for years.

David Wu, future Oregon congressman, and the woman later dated in their junior year. But that spring, in 1976, she broke things off. A few months later, an encounter occurred that neither wants to discuss.

That summer, the 21-year-old Wu was brought to the campus police annex after his ex-girlfriend said he tried to force her to have sex, according to Raoul K. Niemeyer, then a patrol commander who questioned him.

Wu had scratches on his face and neck, and his T-shirt was stretched out of shape, Niemeyer said.

Earlier, someone had interrupted a scuffle in the woman’s dorm room. A Stanford professor said the woman told him the next day that Wu had angrily attacked her. An assistant dean who counseled the woman for two months said that the woman called it attempted rape and that Wu used a pillow to muffle her screams.

Wu told police that what happened was consensual. “He said, ‘We just, I was with my girlfriend, and we just got a little carried away,’ ” Niemeyer remembered. After that, he said, Wu “clammed up.”

Wu, 49, issued a statement today admitting to “inexcusable behavior on my part,” confirming that he was disciplined by Stanford and asserting that he worked with a counselor after the incident.

“As a 21-year-old, I hurt someone I cared very much about. I take full responsibility for my actions and I am very sorry,” he said. “This single event forever changed my life and the person that I have become.” Wu’s admission comes after The Oregonian published its account of the incident today. He previously had declined multiple requests for interviews about the matter and did not respond to written questions. His campaign manager had said the Portland Democrat would not answer “unsubstantiated allegations.”

Wu obviously has issues. Like I said, I hope he gets the help he needs. But how many case studies like this will it take before even the Democrats are forced to admit that they benefit from some mighty prodigious favoritism from those with the power to promote and destroy careers through the selective rationing of information.

Pick any conservative public figure in politics and media, and imagine behavior like Wu’s going on for months and years before finally rating few column inches in the hometown newspaper. By contrast, Sarah Palin’s every move is scrutinized by attack dogs that start to foam even when her daughter pushes back a lock of her hair.

I read this morning with some amusement that, yes, a United States president can be a pathologically lying sex addict; and can grope, kiss, and expose himself to female acquaintances, then send his winged monkeys out to destroy their reputations, and eventually even be disbarred for lying about it in court; but — according to Gallop — he’s our third greatest president ever, behind Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln (sorry George Washington, you’re out!). Somehow I don’t think he would have rated so high if he had been a Republican… if only because he would have been exiled to Elba in 1996 and never heard from since.

And of course, if the bar is set low for Democrats in national politics (as long as they are pro-choice of course), it doesn’t even exist out here on the left coast. A fellow Oregonian commented about the state of affairs out here today on the Blaze.

Posted on February 19, 2011 at 2:45pm

I live in David Wu’s district. In an earlier election, David Wu admitted to [an attempted rape] when he was in college. Despite this, he was still elected. You see in Oregon, the ends justify the means, It does not matter if someone is a sexual predator as long as you agree with their politics. The same is true for the current mayor of Portland Oregon, who had homosexual sex in the men’s room of city hall with an underage intern. Yet, because he was a progressive, he gets off scott-free. Anyone capable of rape is, by definition, mentally unstable. Wu’s breakdown is as predictable as the Sun rising in the morning.

Whether Wu ends up resigning or manages to pull it together and do his job, won’t affect the balance of Oregon politics. He would just be replaced with another Oregon lefty clone anyway. They’re all interchangeable… Sam Adams, Peter DeFazio, Earl Blumenauer (who called his constituents “weasels” and still got re-elected) Neil Goldschmidt, Bob Packwood, Ron Wyden… the names don’t even matter. I’m just going to start calling them all Yuri Andropov.

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