Baghdad demands $1 billion and an apology from the U.S.

Shi'ite militants smuggle weapons to arm foreign insurgents in Iraq.


Someone once told me about a cardiac arrest survivor who thanked the Good Samaritan who administered CPR by sending him a bill for his ruined shirt. I don’t remember anything else, except thinking at the time that I had heard it all.

Well I was wrong. At least that jerk didn’t demand an apology, too.

The Baghdad city government is demanding the United States pay $1 billion and apologize for damage to the city caused by blast walls erected during the nearly eight-year long war. […]

In an official statement posted late Wednesday on its website, the local government said U.S. forces had marred the “beautiful city.”

Blast walls “put up at the pretext of security” damaged the sewage system and sidewalks, caused traffic jams and paralyzed business, the statement read.

City officials want an official apology and $1 billion to pay for the damage.

Note to firefighters, peace officers, and humanitarian workers in general: Steer clear of Baghdad. Judging by this piece of outrage, if you break a window while rescuing a family from a five-story inferno, you could be sued while the arsonist gets off scott free.

Sweetness & Light:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is gratitude — Iraqi-style. The United States has expending untold amounts of blood and treasure to provide security and bring freedom to that blighted nation. And this is the thanks we get.

And so once again, we are on the receiving end of the traditional American Hate-Take – a sort of garish dance favored by tin-pot dictators and insight-challenged foreign clods in which they snatch greedily at our generously offered cash, commodities, and assistance while simultaneously kicking us in the shins.

What do these geniuses think? That our best and brightest decided to leave their families, travel to that terrorist armpit of the world, and annoy them with pesky car-bomb shields just because the Hawaiian Luau and Snorkel package at Expedia was all booked up?

The tall grey slabs of concrete have become one of the defining images of this nearly eight-year long war. They were put up all over Iraq by American and Iraqi forces to absorb bomb blasts and encircle almost every government building, mosque and military facility.

During the height of the insurgency, whole neighborhoods were walled off as a way to keep militias and insurgents from moving easily into an area to launch an attack and then darting back to their home territory.

These guys don’t have the moral clarity to distinguish between the hero snatching their children from a blazing inferno or the terrorist who threw the Molotov cocktail through the window in the first place. Because, if they did, they would be demanding reparations and apologies from Iran and Syria, who sponsored the IED and car-bomb murdering thugs in the first place in their crusade to strangle the fledgling democracy in its cradle.

Incidentally, it’s not like Iraqi junkets were a new concept within the Middle East’s intertwined terrorist networks. Extensive records, captured and translated after Saddam Hussein’s overthrow, document that he maintained a super-highway-sized red carpet for foreign terrorist trainees – including many al-Qaeda surrogates with murderous designs on the West. (This of course, is one of the reasons that Saddam had to be taken out — but it exculpates Dubya, so we don’t talk about it. Shhhh.)

Nevertheless, if there’s any apologizing to be done here, it better be coming from those Baghdad bureaucrats and to our military. And a little thanks would be nice for a change, too.

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