Truth is Not a Priority to Unhinged Palin Haters

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Apparently the crack investigative journalists at Us Weekly and Time Magazine are in such a lather to post something unflattering about Sarah Palin, they can’t spare the time to make sure their sources aren’t, to put it politely, full of bull.

Yes, even after last month’s shriek-fest — in which Palin was pronounced responsible for the Tucson massacre, the Spanish Inquisition, and dandruff — media derangement has managed to achieve a new low. Now they’re simply making up their Palin hit pieces, and calling it “satire.” Gossip cop exposed the details:

This is really bad.

Us Weekly has published what it claims are comments made by Sarah Palin, in which the former vice presidential candidate blasts Christina Aguilera’s performance of the national anthem at Super Bowl XLV.

Except the over-the-top “quotes,” which Us Weekly attributes to a Monday radio interview with Sean Hannity, were actually written for a satire website.

Us Weekly scrubbed the piece from their site, but I would imagine that it was your garden-variety Palin boilerplate. Borrowing from the tone and subtext of past hit pieces, I would imagine this one probably went something like this:

Palin arrived on the Hannity set late, but she was rarin’ to go — barely giving the make-up girl time to ditch her white hood and insert her front partial before laying into Aguilera,  calling her an ‘airhead diva that don’t understand something so basic about America.’

‘If I was president I would deport her to Jamaica or Arkansas or somewheres,’ Palin declared after biting the head off of a live salmon, ‘she should be kept barefoot and pregnant and chained to a cook stove where she belongs.’

US Weekly has since issued this official apology:

Oopsies…our bad!

However, Time is denying any professional or ethical breach; assuring their readers that spurious sourcing on defamatory, vicious lies is okay as long as the target is Sarah Palin it was meant as a joke.

I suppose that journalistic maxim has been inserted into the latest edition of the Associated Press Stylebook, alongside a review of the five W’s.

Nevertheless, to be fair, Palin shares some of the blame here. After all, she’s a God-fearing, Republican woman who had the gall to carry five kids to term – one with special needs! If she really wanted fair treatment from the mainstream media, she’d have sided with the caribou over the oil companies and little Trig never would have seen the light of day.

If she would just learn to play along a little, it would be easier for everyone. In fact, she could probably throw actual racist hissy fits, and those Woodward and Bernstein wannabes at US Weekly and Time would have looked the other way and saved everyone a lot of embarrassment.

Don’t believe me? Well, try this: Close your eyes and imagine Palin calling Barack Obama a “clean and articulate” African American. Then-Senator Joe Biden did – removing any doubt, incidentally, that he’s a racist and an idiot. But he’s also a leftist, so the media let it go. In fact – as I’m sure Todd Palin noticed – I don’t recall even one Saturday Night Live joke about Biden “doing his daughters.”

Imagine if Palin mentioned the U.S. “victory” in the Vietnam War or referred to the monument that American astronauts left the last time they visited Mars. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) did, but those statements slipped by with nary a slur on her media-endorsed progressive reputation. And, as I’m sure Palin noted, Lee has never been threatened with a “gang-rape” by “big black brothers” if she ever visited Manhattan, either.

Palin didn’t spend twenty years at the feet of a venom-spewing Marxist, anti-Semitic, America-cursing “mentor” – and then jet around the country commiserating with brie-and-Chablis elitists about “bitter” knuckle-draggers who “cling” to guns and Bibles. Leftist then-presidential candidate, Barack Obama, did; but the public relations arm of Obama-Biden 2008, also known as the mainstream media, gave him a pass. Not only that, but, as I’m sure Willow Palin noted, both of his daughters were spared any late night jokes about getting “knocked up” at baseball games.

No, Palin doesn’t dish out the gaffes like her leftist counterparts, which only seems to make her pursuers more unhinged and the attacks more vile and ugly. Destroying Palin is the prize that drives them with the reckless abandon of an alcoholic who has transitioned from the shakes to the DTs and taken to swigging on the isopropyl that someone forgot to remove from the medicine cabinet.

It has been a pretty dry lately for the truly wigged-out Palin haters. They haven’t had a good hate-fix since December when she showed up, as some in the media would have you believe, in a cholera-infested camp in Haiti with an entourage of Caribbean slaves brandishing curling irons, hair spray, fake nails, and eyelashes – and then shocked the world with a truly heartless display of public hand washing.

You know… come to think of it, maybe the spiders had already started crawling out of the walls, even back then.

Like a heroin addict grasping at whatever filthy needle will get him high the fastest, we are witnessing how Palin derangement erodes and perverts basic journalistic standards. There is no time for such niceties when you are saving the world from a notorious heretic who has defiled the altar of feminism just by being who she is: an accomplished, Christian, pro-life Republican woman.

And now we are finding out that if she won’t give them the rope they need to hang her, they will simply make up their own.

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