San Francisco public servant renounces the Pledge of Allegiance

Why am I not surprised:

Newly elected Supervisor Jane Kim stands with her colleagues, but does not speak the words. Nor does she place her right hand over her heart during the recitation. She is the only one of the 11-member board who doesn’t say the pledge.

Kim’s objection to the pledge, she says, is that the ideals it speaks of are not reality, specifically its conclusion, which says “with liberty and justice for all.” Kim says the nation is just not there yet.

The only bombshell here is that anyone within far-left San Francisco City Hall recites the Pledge. I’m gratified to know there is only one among all those ideological heirs of Haight-Ashbury and Altamont who views her position as a publicly-funded high horse from which to inflict sour-lemon displeasure upon the proletariat that employs her.

But then, this is San Francisco. Which, last time I checked hasn’t seceded from the union and become some psychedelic Birkenstock-and-alfalfa micro-nation where Pete Seeger and Timothy Leary are the founding fathers and “Puff the Magic Dragon” is the national anthem. Nevertheless, it’s not like Kim is going to be dispatched onto the next cable car out of town anytime soon. She will continue to toil happily in leftist la-la land where maligning the system that educated, protected, prospered, and now even employs her is the best route to job security.

I don’t know Kim, never heard of her before, but judging by her education and affiliations, I’m going to take a guess that her vision of “liberty and justice” involves the confiscation of wealth and crushing the will of the people regarding matters such as marriage and private property rights.

Nevertheless, let me point out the obvious. Kim is wrong. There is liberty and justice in America, which Kim is free to exercise any time she can no longer contain her disgust for everything it stands for. She can stop sucking wealth from those hard-working salt-of-the-earth Americans that she despises and find another homeland that does a better job of measuring up to her high standards. Like Cuba. I hear they have oodles more San Francisco-style “liberty and justice” than we do. How about it, Jane? Just say the word, and we’ll get you a ticket, pronto.

Unfortunately for us, however, it’ll never happen. She’ll stay, slurp up the blessings that patriots died to bring her, and be stroked and petted for biting her benefactors by California’s powerful far-left rulers.

Don’t believe it? Remember former City Supervisor, Gerardo “let’s should dismantle the U.S. military” Sandoval?  He’s a superior court judge now.

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