Bill Clinton as a Fox News pundit? Really?

Doesn’t seem to be gonna happen, but it’s still a fascinating thought, isn’t it? The Creep on Fox News. I wonder what Roger Ailes had in mind? A raw and unedited look at the extremes of boorish jackassery that exist in our culture? Kind of like Hoarders meets Jerry Springer with a little Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern sprinkled in?

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air says that it is Clinton’s notorious lack of self control that could secure his failure in a profit-oriented enterprise (profit being something Clinton never had to be bothered with). Apparently Ailes worried that Clinton wouldn’t be able shut his mouth long enough to get the commercials in.

…The problem, as Ailes notes, would be to get Clinton to shut up to hit his timing marks so that Fox can actually sell the ads. If you think that would be easy, just recall what happened when Clinton appeared as a guest at Barack Obama’s press conference in December.

Do you think? To say Bill Clinton has the self discipline and impulse control of a rutting billy goat is like announcing that the sun sets in the West. Except that is an insult to rutting billy goats. At least he doesn’t send out his minions to destroy hapless Nanny after the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.

Maybe it would be worth it. You’d have to go a long way to find a lying, blaming, malicious, spiteful, retaliatory, narcissistic, predatory sex addict all rolled into one like our former President. And then a great deal further to find someone like that who has managed to make the left so beholden to him that he not only gets a pass, he gets fitted with his very own angelic golden-boy suit by the mainstream media. Yes, I have to grudgingly admit, he is an interesting guy. Car crash interesting, though. Could be ratings gold. Unfortunately.

On the other hand, maybe I’m making too much of this. Maybe Ailes was just shopping around for someone sufficiently creepy to stand in for that weird shirtless guy who hunkers under the table sometimes during Red Eye.

Seriously, in my humble opinion, if Ailes feels that Fox News could be improved by an unhinged serial misogynist who turns purple and shrieks like a girl when he’s crossed, then why not court Chris Matthews? With the prospect of an honest-to-goodness audience to sweeten the pot, he could probably get him cheap.

Granted, it wouldn’t be a Clinton-sized ratings avalanche, but there is the advantage that Matthew’s misogyny appears to be limited to sarcastic put-downs and name-calling — none of those ham-handed gropes and exhibitionism, with acid chasers of exculpatory character assassination, that reside indelibly within Clinton’s curriculum vitae.

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