Effort to recall Sheriff Dupnik — Can integrity make a come-back in Pima County?

Well, the citizens of Pima County have a choice. They can rest in the knowledge that their sheriff’s department is in the capable hands of a sober, deliberate, and unprejudiced  lawman. They can feel secure in knowing that their sheriff knows his or her place — which is to objectively investigate crime and guard all the evidence within their sacred trust before a judge and jury pronounce guilt or innocence — not the sheriff!

Yes, the people of Pima County can have those things, or they can defeat this recall effort and keep Sheriff Dupnik.

I was wondering how long this would take, but apparently my wait is over. A recall petition to oust Clarence Dupnik, the partisan, leaky-mouthed Sherif of Pima County, Arizona, is finally underway. Dipstick… er, I mean Dupnik, is now infamous for instantly blaming Fox News, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and all conservatives for the actions of deranged killer Jared Loughner in Tucson. Even before the first facts were known, Dipstick was speculating along his hateful, partisan line that it was the right that was responsible for the crime.

Really this is a no-brainer. How much credibility can this guy have now that everyone knows he is capable of exploiting the inevitable spasms of tragedy, shock, and grief that are unique to his job — to gin up public hysteria just to smear his political adversaries? Heck, if I was on a jury and he was presenting evidence, I’d be wondering if perhaps the defendant had just done something to tick him off or didn’t have the right letter after his name on his voter registration card. You bet there’d be doubt and uncertainty.

After Dupnik’s shameful demagogic exploitation of the Arizona shooting tragedy, honesty and integrity are off the table as long as he holds that office. Especially now that there is mounting evidence that if the buck stops with anyone, it is with Dupnik himself. Why didn’t Rep. Gabrielle Giffords have any police protection, anyway? And we now know that Jared Loughner was known to law enforcement who had responded to numerous complaints at his school and his home. This was information, that I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh were not privy to. And yet instead of manning up about it, Dupnik turned into a dissembling, petulant, finger-pointing jerk.

Pima County, you don’t exactly have Will Kane in charge over there, do you? What are you going to do about it?

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