Abortionist Hangs His Shingle Next to Pediatrician

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It is mind-boggling that even the infamous late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell, would have the gall to plant one of his bloody mills within spitting distance of a group of dedicated child healers – even sharing a driveway, parking area, and sign. And with each practice’s door – dividing the fates of Southwest Ohio’s tiniest and most helpless citizens – a Poe-esque 50 feet from the other, all this freak-show lacks is a guest appearance from Vincent Price.

Haskell, who is known as a pioneer of late-term abortion techniques, has closed his Cincinnati clinic and decided to re-open cozily close to a well-established pediatrics group in suburban Sharonville. The only hitch is that the Liberty Sharonville pediatricians aren’t exactly welcoming their new neighbor with open arms; as Steve Brinn, M.D., expressed in a letter to a Cincinnati newspaper.

‘Imagine our shock and disbelief, when we learned that an abortion clinic was opening in the building 50-feet from our front door,’ Brinn said in his letter, which was published Nov. 27. ‘Why would a clinic performing abortions be so insensitive to a group practice treating children for 31 years?

I guess it figures that a pediatrician would feel queasy treating diaper rashes, measuring head circumferences, and administering vaccines; knowing that just yards away equally delicate skin is being deliberately burned and torn, skulls crushed, and tiny beating hearts injected with digoxin – the preferred late-term execution technique since Congress and the Supreme Court prohibited aspirating the brains of partially-born children (a procedure, incidentally, that Haskell brags about inventing).

And it’s only natural that Brinn and his colleagues wouldn’t want their tiny charges or their parents anywhere near a “physician” like Haskell — who would willingly have burned, dismembered, and incinerated any one of them if they had been so unfortunate to have been carried through his door in a womb instead of loving arms.

To have a group of OB/GYN doctors terminating fetuses just outside our door, to force our mothers and their babies drive through a common driveway, driving by the front of an abortion clinic, in order to park in our lot to have their babies cared for is an atrocity.

We are here to prevent infant diseases, and they are here to end infant lives. We may not have the legal right to get them to move but we will do anything in our power to vocalize our personal disgust with their mission.

It’s a sad indictment on our culture that not everyone shares Brinn’s natural feelings of “disgust” with Haskell’s bloody “mission.” Rose at Bizzyblog posted evidence last month that Haskell owes his flourishing body-count and perhaps even his tony Indian Hill digs to special favors from highly-placed individuals in Ohio politics.

Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell murders children by day and plays “high society” with his wife Valerie in Indian Hill…

I love the part where “the noble” Valerie pretends to care about children [whose mothers somehow evaded her husband] while serving on the Board of Directors of the Indian Hill Public Schools Foundation.

“Poor” Indian Hill liberals…this is just further proof that all the money in the world can’t buy you wisdom, class or decent neighbors…

Nice, isn’t it, to know that prominent Ohioans, including amiable folk hero, John Glenn, believe the tiniest and most helpless among them lack the “right stuff” to merit favors from the state — but their murderers do. Even to the point, Rose points out, of waiving some pesky safety regulations that were threatening to encumber Haskell’s opulent lifestyle and aristocratic image.

Haskell’s long-term legal woes stem from the fact that he has never had the mandatory ambulatory care license, and/or [hospital] transfer agreement. In other words, he doesn’t have the necessary equipment/expertise to deal with the many risks involved in his butchery nor does any hospital deem him qualified enough to treat patients in their facility. What he HAS had however, is a federal judge in Columbus (mentioned in report links above and below), who has granted him a “variance” from the law.

Quite ironically, that Federal Judge (Marbley) was appointed by Bill Clinton at the behest of none other than John Glenn, the staunch pro-abortion recipient of Haskell’s political donations. The judge also sits on the Board of Advisors of the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, oh, and is Secretary and Member on the Board of Trustees of Children’s Hospital! Oh yes, that’s EXACTLY who I want as a “Trustee” of Children’s Hospital..someone who believes in, ergo grants exceptions to late-term abortionists so they can keep murdering, er, children. Clearly they took all the logic requirements out of this guy’s copy of the bar exam…

This is unbelievable. Can you imagine undergoing a risky surgical procedure at a medical facility that has been denied an ambulatory care license and transfer privileges with any of the hospitals in the area? It’s hunky-dory, though, with Bill Clinton and John Glenn’s hand-picked arbiter – and so, once again, we are reminded that logic and common sense have no place in the schizophrenic la-la land of “reproductive rights” and relative personhood.

Sad, though, when this state-sanctioned horror show bloodies the doorsteps of the truly compassionate and dedicated healers among us.

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