Barney Frank saves the world from crazed homophobic reporter… I think


There’s no need to actually watch the video of the exchange between Barney Frank (D-MA) and CNS reporter, Nicholas Ballasy, when you have Media Matters and to fill you in on the most salient point — that Ballasy is a right-wing bigot who doesn’t believe that gays should be allowed to take showers.

Scary, huh? Who knows where this would have gone if Frank hadn’t courageously stepped in to inform the ignorant masses that homosexuals don’t get “dry-cleaned.” Hot water for heteros only? The great soap-on-a-rope seizure of 2011?

Not really. The video shows that Ballasy simply asked Frank for a comment regarding a Department of Defense working group’s recommendations for implementing the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” among deployed troops. Despite Media Matters’ spin, it is clear that Ballasy remained detached and respectful while Frank spluttered with exaggerated hostility and sarcasm: “Do you think it’s the spray makes it catching? … We don’t get ourselves dry-cleaned.”

This is nothing new, of course. In order to advance their social engineering causes, the Left must smother fair debate under a sticky mire of specious arguments — a technique honed and refined by the master sophist himself, Jon Stewart. In this case, however, Frank has the leftwing bloggers like Crooks & Liars (“Barney Frank completely pwns hapless CNS reporter attempting ‘gotcha’ DADT question”) and (“Barney Frank Makes a Fool Out of Conservative Reporter Over ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'”) to replace the whoops and hollers of Stewart’s sycophantic audience.

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