Omigosh. Will somebody please give Anthony Weiner a blanky and a bottle… of Xanax?

It is excruciating — nails on the chalk-board excruciating — to watch a grown man behave this way.  The man needs — I don’t know — anger-management counseling, a spanking, and a nappy; and not necessarily in that order. He controls the interview with Megyn Kelly with the variety of emotional extortion rarely seen beyond a nursery school.

Indeed, viewers everywhere are fortunate that Kelly is the parent of a toddler, because she was clearly prepared to be the adult here, which I daresay rescued the world from the spectacle of Weiner holding his breath and banging his head against one those august Greek pillars behind him.  This is Allahpundit’s take:

Weiner being abrasive is pretty much the opposite of breaking news, but I am a bit surprised at how subdued MK’s reaction is. One of the reasons Fox viewers love her is her willingness to throw down with the likes of KP; in this case, he’s all but telling her to pipe down and let the grown-up talk and yet she hardly bats an eye. The Megyn Kelly of old would have called him a pencil-neck geek and then cut his mic. Dude, I think she’s going soft.

Here is the video The worst chalkboard-scratching begins around 8:50.

Unfortunately, Weiner’s infantile behavior isn’t the worst travesty here. It started when Kelly attempted to ask him a question about the estate tax: “The argument from the others side is that it is a morally corrupt tax. if I work all my life and pay taxes on my income… why should I pay the government again…”

Weiner interrupted: “You aren’t paying anything in that case because you’ll be dead.”

Later, Kelly persisted: “…if they earned that money, and they want to pass it on to their children…”

Weiner interrupted again: “No they did not. No they did not. They will be dead. Those people will be dead…” Then he tried to clarify with an analogy: “Some people get very lucky at the casino. Should we tax that at a lower rate than if they worked hard and earned it?”

Oh, and like younger generations never contribute to the family farm or hardware store or bakery? The kids just loaf until the old folks are gone and then, cha-ching! I just won the lottery!

Weiner has about as much insight as a bronze bust of Vladimir Lenin. Those whose lives are being ripped apart by the estate tax are not “dead.” And they are not irresponsible gamblers who are trying to beat the system. They are generations of resourceful, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth Americans — farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and others — who are facing their last months and years on the earth with the anguish of knowing that the government is going to force their children to put everything their forefathers built on the auction block after they are gone. How many $5,000,000 estates can absorb a punishing 35% tax without liquidating?

The estate tax is the cruel and vicious grim reaper lurking in the shadows of hardworking Americans, waiting for the opportunity cut down the American tradition of intergenerational small business and feed it to big impersonal corporations.   

The sad truth is that leftists like Anthony Weiner believe that private property is theft in and of itself — which means the federal government has every right to stick its big fat ugly nose into the affairs of grieving families and steal a big chunk right off the top before the will has even been read.

Just because they can. And Anthony Weiner will kick and scream throw his toys if needed to keep it that way.

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