Video thrill: Freedom (of speech) rings at the European Parliament

Hat tip to Cubachi.

Great video of British freedom-warrior, Nigel Farage, railing against the liberty-garroting, border-blurring, bureaucratic wet blanket that is the European Union. Watching Farage’s rant (Just who the hell do you people think you are!”) reminded me of the old saying that “communism is socialism with a gun to your head.” Because Farage’s impassioned speech caused me to wonder: Can socialism and free speech co-exist without one eventually cannibalizing the other? Lenin, Stalin, and Mao didn’t think so. Farage’s blatant disgust for the EU’s corpulent, self-serving presence in the midst of Europe’s desperate austerity measures, reminds us that free speech is the mortal enemy of tyranny – soft or otherwise. That’s what makes this so satisfying to watch.

Farage warned about the largess and overwhelming power of the European Union. They are a socialist, governing body creating their own laws and overtaxing the people of Europe by unbelievable numbers and overspending their money on frivolous means. How is purchasing £4 million of Apple iPads for each member of the EU a good way to spend taxpayers’ money? They called this earmark an “IT mobility project.”


Apologies to Chris Matthews, but Farage’s diatribe is thrill-inducing; if only because it contradicts the kind of lofty, demagogic BS that sent Matthews into tingling raptures. The tenacity and passion of Farage and his kindreds across the pond — like Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party Patriots — carries hope that as long as free men and women can speak, the sugar-coated chains of Barack Obama and his European socialist buddies will be kept at bay.

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