Our penitent president lets dictators dump on us for world peace


Eye on the U.N. has compiled some highlights from the United States’ recent “Universal Periodic Review” (UPC), a thing at the United Nations where the world’s worst human rights abusers get to throw mud-balls at us. This was our first UPC, because for some reason previous U.S. presidents weren’t interested.

The video is instructive, albeit a little hard to take in places; especially the parts where our representatives, Esther Brimmer and Michael Posner, fall all over the world’s most tyrannical regimes in gratitude because they took the time to malign and denigrate our freedom and values.

But then our current administration is defined by its extremes of personal pride and national shame.  Here we have a president that while fastidiously defending his own honor; will prop our history, values, and heroic military up before the dregs of the world to be slandered, and spat upon.  

Maybe his intentions are good. Maybe he thinks it will help somehow… that humility, shame, weakness, and solicitude toward international criminals will inspire goodwill – perhaps even rehabilitation. Could it be that the key to world peace is to humbly bow down while international tyrants dump all their own bad acts onto us? Who knows how history may have been changed if we had only been under such enlightened leadership. To think that the Cold War could have been melted with just a few words: “We’re so ashamed, Mr. Stalin, for purging millions and all those nasty gulags in Siberia. Thank you for pointing it out to us. Let’s do dinner sometime.” Or to preempt both Iraq Wars: “We humbly apologize, Mr. Hussein, for gassing the Kurds and invading Kuwait and Iran. We would appreciate it if you would let us know if we do anything else that offends you.”

I think I’m finally starting to understand why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.     

But on the other hand, I’m not so sure. It’s clear from the video that Brimmer and Posner did an able job of thanking the North Korean contingent for pointing our “racial discrimination and inequalities in housing, employment, and education” and the “brutality” of our law enforcement officials and our “violence against women.” The trouble is, just a couple weeks later, North Korea is still acting pretty darned belligerent. Maybe we just didn’t take it far enough. If Brimmer and Posner had actually spit-polished the North Korean’s shoes instead of only doing it symbolically, perhaps there would be peace and tranquility in the Yellow Sea today.

Yep, that’s it. As always, it’s our fault.

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