Guess where Daisy and Faisal want to send the bill for the Ground Zero Mosque? Hint: It’s not Mecca


More fun from Faisal and Daisy, New York’s wackiest couple. Gotta love ’em. Have you heard what they’re up to now? They actually think — you won’t believe this — that federal funds allocated to clean up the mess radical Islamists made in Lower Manhattan should be put toward building a mosque — the infamous Ground Zero Mosque, no less. Yes you heard right. Sweat-of-the-brow money from Joe middle-America six-pack should be used to build a nice new fanatic-magnet right on the very ground that received the souls of nearly 3000 murdered Americans.

That just does it. I’ve been very restrained about this, but not anymore. Am I the only one who sees REALITY show written all over this pair?  They are the gift that keeps on giving! Remember when Daisy turned her one-bedroom flat into a tax-exempt “mosque” that seats 500 imaginary people? Or, better yet, the time when Faisal declared that the U.S. Constitution and Islam-sanctioned stoning, flogging, enslaving, pedophilia, and mutilation — known as Shariah Law — are in harmony with each other? With a straight face! That would have been a side-splitter! The producers could have rounded up another delusional psychotic — maybe a guy who thinks he’s Elton John or something — to play the straight man. Guaranteed ratings gold!

But I digress. I’m not saying that that Faisal and Daisy want their bright shiny new “Islamic Cultural Center” to spring from the ashes, tears, and rubble of the WTC just so that religious nuts would have a place to gather and seethe about the great Satan. But face it — mosques have developed a bad reputation over recent years. Like the one in Hamburg where the 9/11 attacks were planned. Or like the one in Virginia that nurtured the madness of two 9/11 hijackers and the Fort Hood shooter.

A mosque at Ground Zero may not be party to such extremists — many aren’t. Nevertheless, American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to contribute toward anything that would deliver even a nanosecond of pleasure to whatever rock Osama Bin Laden is currently hiding under. And I don’t believe those who spent their last terrifying moments on earth listening to throat-cutting madmen chant “allahu akbar” would approve either — if they had been given such an opportunity by their executioners.

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