Security expert declares that Stuxnet was custom made for Iran’s nuclear program

Intrigue! A shadowy insider sneaking a common thumb drive bearing “digital” hardware-wrecking “warheads” into the nerve center of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s genocidal aspirations. I can almost feel the theme from Mission Impossible queuing up (the superb 60’s television show, not the spurious Hollywood rip-off and its sequels).

 In his analysis, Ralph Langner said Stuxnet contained two distinct “digital warheads,” specifically designed to attack military targets: Uranium enrichment plants and the Bushehr nuclear power plant.
Langner said that the portion of the worm that targeted Uranium enrichment plants manipulated the speeds of mechanical parts in the enrichment process, which would ultimately “result in cracking the rotor, thereby destroying the centrifuge.”

He purported that the second segment was intended to attack the external turbine controller of the Bushehr plant, a 150 foot “chunk of metal,” that could “destroy the turbine as effectively as an air strike.”
Praising the sophistication of the attack code, Langner said, “it is obvious that several years of preparation went into the design of this attack.” Describing the technological advancement it represents, he compared it to “the arrival of an F-35 fighter jet on a World War I battlefield.” He called the technology, “much superior to anything ever seen before, and to what was assumed possible.”

Do you ever feel get the feeling that history is nothing but a really really big merry-go-round? For example, here we have miraculous Israel swinging back around after being gone for a couple millennia — but carrying a few unfortunate barnacles, like Ahmadinejad intent on finishing the work of genocidal Haman. That’s why the triumphant return of Haman’s nemesis, Esther – in the form of a binary F-35, no less – makes it all complete.

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