UN: Saudi Arabia qualified to pass judgement on women’s rights

Bad news: Iran continues to stone women. Good news: They won’t be lecturing you and me about human rights abuses after all. Turns out that some sticklers thought their propensity to fracture feminine skulls might pose a PR problem for the United Nation’s fledgling “Super agency for women.”

It was a nice thought, albeit naive. Everyone knows the United Nations only condemns violence against Muslim women when it serves to gin up global outrage against Israel for refusing to be annihilated — usually manufactured by placing women and children in front of Jew-killing terrorists and munitions. 

Besides, if they really were concerned about Iran’s head-bashing proclivities, why did they go ahead and install Saudi Arabia?  Isn’t that a little like banishing Tweedle-Dee and embracing Tweedle-Dum?  Van Helsing at Moonbattery commented on the absurdity of being lectured about women’s rights from such quarters:  

No doubt Western UN representatives will bow their heads in dutiful shame as fiends who have women whipped for the crime of getting gang-raped lecture them about women’s rights.

Seriously, the elevation of regimes like Saudi Arabia make you wonder what kind of “human rights” the U.N. is pushing for. At any rate,  People’s Cube illustrates good reason for at least one group of people to oppose it.

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