Are SEIU lefties screening ballots in a California congressional nail-biter?

Sure. And the Tea Party Patriots are on their way to Alaska to tally all those write-ins.

Just kidding about the Alaska part, but no worries. I’m sure that David Harmer is totally okay that the destiny of CD-11 lies in the hands of agitators for his lefty opponent, Jerry McNerney. took the following photo. It is authentic. This person also had a pen next to him.  FYI, the SEIU is the top contributor to Democratic campaigns.

Why are SEIU members allowed to work either full time or temporary at county offices which affect the precinct hiring, payroll and eventually counting the votes?

The leftists, liberals won’t allow a simple requirement to show ID to vote, but have no problem allowing their most politically active union to count the votes!

More power to them! In fact, let’s send the purple people beaters (hee hee) everywhere! Kind of like the National Guard, only irritable. Have they got a jury for the Kenneth Gladney trial? Or a defense team? Or prosecution? There are scads of qualified SEIU members who I’m positive would love to serve.

Or, here’s an idea. We could always recruit the renowned SEIU history experts to teach 3rd graders the difference between the Berlin Wall and our southern border.

In the meantime I might take in a football game. I think I heard somewhere that the cheerleaders and mascots might start doubling as referees.

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