Conservative Women of Iron

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Delaware Senatorial candidate, Christine O’Donnell, has been having a heck of a time getting a 24-minute ad titled “We the People of the First State” on the air, and accusations are flying about who screwed up – a question that still remains to be answered. But one thing is clear, this whole thing could have been avoided if the O’Donnell campaign had just a teensy bit more imagination.

For one thing, look at the ad’s title: “We the People?” Boring! They should have labeled the DVD “Christine O’Donnell – Spring Break 1985” before shopping it around. I guarantee there would have been a bidding war between the three major networks and CNN. Or, better yet: “Babe Magnet Drives Christine O’Donnell Mad – His Story.” Problem solved. No more quibbling about deadlines, schedules, and stations “forgetting” to put it on the air.

This is sad but true. Because if the 2010 campaign season’s unprecedented debut of strong Palin-inspired women has taught us anything, it’s that the Left is completely unrestrained by any human decency in their quest to break them.

JournoList made it clear long before O’Donnell was nationally known that the media isn’t interested in helping conservative women make their case before the masses. In fact, many are complicit in the savaging of their womanhood, which they then obligingly prop up – beaten and bloody – on a stake as a warning to any others of the wrong persuasion who may be getting too big for their britches. It’s the left’s way of telling undesirables, “We don’t want your kind around here.”

Leftists hate womanly women who boldly stand up for motherhood, the sanctity of life, and core American values; and they vent that hate through intimidation campaigns that Don Vito Corleone would envy. The message to O’Donnell has been loud and clear for months: back off or else. She refused, so she had to be punished — mob style. Only instead of waking up to a severed horse head, it was to a nation reading the pornographic ramblings of a mouth-breathing, self-aggrandizing ape about, among other things, O’Donnell’s perineal grooming habits. Just a little message to let her know that she’s playing with the big kids now.

Of course, it’s nothing new. Media dirty tricks have become so rampant, they are starting to spill over and pop out in embarrassing places – like the message machines of the campaigns they are targeting. If there was ever any doubt that the Alaskan media is actively working to discredit the state’s Tea Party-endorsed senatorial candidate, Joe Miller, there isn’t any longer – because he has it on tape. True, this particular search-and-destroy mission wasn’t targeted against a woman. But it demonstrates how far the so-called objective media will go to stroke and support a woman if she embodies the anti-Palin resistance — in this case, incumbent RINO and Joe Miller’s write-in opponent, Lisa Murkowski.

In the meantime, Palin, O’Donnell, and the others hold their heads high and soldier on as the crosses burn on their front lawns. Early on, I was shocked by the carpet-bombing of Palin, but it wasn’t until a comedian on Saturday Night Live joked about Todd Palin “doing those daughters” that I realized what was really going on: All out war — a shock and awe campaign to terrorize her into quitting. Since then the Daisy Cutters have become almost commonplace: Comedienne Kathy Griffin announced that Palin was added to the 2008 presidential ticket because of her skill at a certain sex act. Sarah Bernhard joked that her black friends would obligingly “gang rape” Palin if she ever came to New York. David Letterman compared Palin to a “slutty flight attendant” and then verbally abused her under-age daughter. It goes on and on — a disgraceful new reality that Lori Ziganto calls the pornification of conservative women.

Palin, O’Donnell, and their conservative sisters are like the women who settled and built this country. Two hundred years ago they chopped wood, killed rattlesnakes, and helped birth calves in blizzards. Today they speak the truth and don’t back down, even when pelted and smeared with the sewage that resides within the skulls of Letterman, Bernhard, Griffin and the others.

The road is rough, but their triumph is certain; because, unlike their attackers, they are America.

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