Thoughts on Jon Stewart and The Rally to Restore Hypocrisy


I gather from today’s Restoring Sanity festivities that Jon Stewart wants everyone to “take it down a notch.” That may be good advice. I mean we could always just put on earmuffs and sleep masks and scarf Ambien and pretend like Stewart’s best buddies in the White House aren’t flushing the country down the toilet.

But then I have my doubts, considering the source of that advice: a guy who makes a living contriving armies of straw men from the words of Glenn Beck – and concealing his outrageous sophistry behind hyper-kinetic air punches, pelvic thrusts and spittle-laden expletives.

No fooling. Beck could produce video proof that Joseph Stalin himself had come back from the dead and bankrolled the 2008 Obama campaign, and Stewart would – seriously – counter it with blather about a News Corp donation to some Republican, and then go into his trademark convulsions about Beck’s stupidity, lunacy, wickedness, and all-around villainy – exercising his simple-minded audience into raptures with his profane, venom-spewing theatrics.

Odd, though, isn’t it, that Stewart wasn’t telling anyone to “take it down a notch” and call for “reasonableness” when he and all his leftist cronies were blistering and undermining President Bush at every possible opportunity? And yet, now that his people are in power, Stewart of all people is pleading for “sanity.”

Oh well. That’s the world I live in. Tomorrow, I fully expect that Joy Behar will tell me to be more polite, and my dog, Chloe, will tell me I sleep and scratch too much.

Here’s a thought. Maybe someone should tell Stewart to “take it down a notch.” Seriously. I wonder how he would take that. Would he (1) react with the “reasonableness” and “sanity” that he now expects from his less-evolved followers, or would he (2) demonstrate the emotional maturity of a three-year-old and tell the offender to go **** himself?

Judging by past behavior, I’m going to go with number two.

I don’t like Jon Stewart. I don’t like his dishonesty, arrogance, and hypocrisy. He isn’t just a character assassin; he’s a character chainsaw murderer – and a spoiled brat who can dish it out but can’t take it. He considers himself anointed to mock and abuse his victims every day of the week — and then he tells me to “take it down a notch?” 

And that isn’t even what irritates me the most. It’s that he gets away with it. There is something about his prima donna, queen bee, spoiled princess persona that makes me want to stick a kick-me sign on his back and flatten the heel of his shoe.

Why doesn’t anyone ever challenge him? Is he, as Tucker Carlson says, America’s lone sacred cow? One does not dare blaspheme the name of Jon Stewart? How could such a jerk attain such unprecedented privilege in our national dialogue? Even his victims rarely defend themselves. He slams Beck and Bill O’Reilly incessantly, and they never respond – O’Reilly even pals around with him on camera, like a pathetic George McFly, supplicating Biff in Back to the Future. (“Hey O’Reilly! Your shoe’s untied!)

Okay, that’s my rant. Whew. That felt good. Here are some pictures of Stewart’s sane, reasonable disciples today, courtesy of American Power. I know, I know. He can’t help what people do, but I think the photos are still instructive, if only to point out the double standard, guilt-by-association that the media tars conservatives with when fringe crazies invade their rallies.

Daily Caller summarizes the wise one’s advice to the recalcitrant masses — that the problems of the world can be blamed on the 24 hour news cycle and the viewer’s “immune systems.” Ed Morrissey adds a whole new strata to the “Restoring Sanity” hypocrisy with background on one of the performers — everyone’s favorite folk-singing apologist for Muslim blood oaths: Cat Stevens. Maybe next year they’ll hold a rally in Saudi Arabia, and he can tell his buddies to “take it down a notch.” Gateway Pundit has photographic proof that Stewart’s bussed in AstroTurf crowd wasn’t near the size of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in August — and they got there without the free rides.

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