Desperate: Democrats send out scam mailers to Republican voters

Why in the world are Democrats oh-so worried that Maryland conservatives might vote for an obscure third-party candidate in MD–01? I find that a little odd, because their guy in that race, Frank Kratovil, is locked in a nail-biter with the Republican, Andy Harris. In a sane – or honorable – world, anyone would think that would be a teensy bit higher priority than an obscure libertarian who happens to be on the ballot as well.

And yet, the DCCC isn’t focusing on the front-runner, Harris. Instead, they’re sending campaign mailers to Republicans of all people, brimming with helpful warnings not to vote for third-party candidate, Richard Davis. 

Take a look, and keep in mind that this mailer was sent to conservaive Republicans and Tea Party supporters.


If I was a cynical sort, I would start to think someone’s trying to conjure a little Ross Perot or Ralph Nader redux, spiced up with some Bre’r Rabbit-style reverse psychology. “Please Bre’r Republicans! I don’t care what you do; just don’t vote for Richard Davis!”

Guy Benson at Townhall believes the DCCC knows that Kratovil can’t win on a level playing field, and they are trying to “trick-right leaning voters into supporting someone who has no chance.”

…their goal is to raise Davis’ profile by launching carefully crafted broadsides against him.  Notice the language the DCCC employs against him:  He’s a “complete outsider,” who might be “too conservative,” because he’s committed to “cutting government spending” and the “size of government.”  The Democrat-funded mailer even mentions the Constitution, which raises a major red flag.  These are all less than subtle dog-whistle phrases deliberately designed to appeal to conservatives. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m told the DCCC mailed this item to hard Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

Of course, he’s right. This is a disgustingly puke-worthy ploy to con conservatives out of their voice in the democratic process – by twisting their desire for smaller government into a tool to scam them deeper into bureaucratic straitjackets.

Benson continued:

The strategy here is as obvious as it is devious.  Democrats, fully aware that their guy is tanking and incapable of earning re-election on his own, are trying to trick right leaning voters into supporting someone who has no chance.  Just like the dirty tricks campaign the were caught coordinating in NJ-03, Democrats are tossing a Hail Mary pass in MD-01.  Their hope is that enough conservatives can be fooled into voting for a fringe candidate, cannibalizing Republican support in the process, that Kratovil can squeak out a victory.

At least in this case, Harris really is a living, breathing libertarian and not a Democrat zombie like the fake Republican plants in New Jersey and Florida. These people and their co-conspirators in the Democrat Party dishonor our system. They have no integrity, they have no shame, and they should never set foot inside the Capitol.

More at Right Coast Conservative. Red Maryland is reporting another creepy ploy to divide the Republican vote in MD-01

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