No wonder the Democratic candidates never heard of Obamacare


Obamacare: The closer we look, the uglier it gets. I just can’t figure out how the darn thing ever passed when no one in congress ever supported it in the first place.

Government bean-counters now project that Obamacare is going to cost an unexpected $265 more per person. Of course, that’s assuming there is still such a thing as a solvent medical practice by then — because those figures are after physician reimbursements have been cut to the bone.

Oh well, just another unexpected bill to throw way up on the Obamacare stack with all the others, like the one for bribing our representatives to force Obamacare upon us, or the newly-discovered 1.4 trillion more the scheme is projected to cost taxpayers over the next 10 years to cover the hemorrhage of workers who will ditch their employers’ group plans for the subsidized health exchanges – because of unfair competition that guess who is underwriting.  

As if that’s not enough, remember all the bazillions of jobs that Obama declared would burst into existence with a swoop of his magic pen? Well, not so much after all. The Congressional Budget Office now says Obamacare is going to cost nearly 800,000 jobs.

Not irritated enough? Well, don’t forget that we have state courtrooms crawling with federal lawyers who seem to have just emerged from some mysterious, super-secret second Constitution Convention where the beleaguered “living” document was tortured with scissors and library paste until it confessed that the Commerce Clause is really a license to “force an individual to participate in commerce, against one’s will, with the promise of fines and imprisonment as a motivator.”

And it’s positively scary to realize we have a leader in the drivers’ seat who is either delusional, naïve, or just plain drunk with power. Because he seems to believe that he can, as the Foundry put it, “repeal the laws of supply and demand” by forcing private insurance companies to expand their goods and services without raising their prices. I just wonder – if he’s that crazy – what Obama will try next. Face it, if he thinks he can, for example, decree that a health plan take on a client’s unemployed 25-year-old son who contracted hepatitis in a Tijuana tattoo parlor; who knows what he’ll try next. I hope it’s extra cheese on pizzas and unlimited cell phone minutes at no extra charge. That would be awesome. I just wonder why none of the other presidents ever did it. Jerks.

The problem is, when these price controls and government interventions yield the same results that they always have – long lines, shortages, and lousy service when you can get it, what will we do? The last bastion of decent healthcare — private, not free, and therefore available – will be gone. Ask this Canadian woman, bearing advice and warnings. She was lucky. She had her brain tumor before Obama was elected.

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