How about the self-righteous thought police at NPR get a real job for a change?

Wow, ever since National Public Radio fired Juan Williams for expressing an honest and understandable emotion, hypocrisy alerts have been blaring all day; and indications are it’s not going over too well with the public.

Considering that NPR was forced to shut down it’s public forum due to user overload, I am going to assume that taxpayers aren’t too thrilled about paying sanctimonious thought police to sit on cushy high horses and pronounce summary judgement upon anyone expressing a sincere thought.

And the outrage has grown as more and more pieces have been added throughout the day, creating a stunning picture of how biased these moral arbiters really are in deciding whose thoughts are celebrated and showcased at taxpayer expense and whose thoughts are punished.

Considering Nina Totenberg’s AIDs curse on Jesse Helms or the NPR feature, “How to Speak Teabag” (below, via Gateway Pundit),  I’m half-wondering if the true story behind Williams’ termination is that he couldn’t muster the required levels of sarcasm and all-around nastiness required to fit in. 

Can anyone explain to me why we need NPR?  News and commentary aren’t exactly like bike paths or public restrooms — in other words, government’s gotta do it because nobody else will. I mean, why don’t the feds set up a hamburger stand at the mall food court or sell bags of sand at the beach or butt into some other over-saturated market?

Or how about they don’t. There are plenty of other things to throw taxpayer money at that are actually needed.

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