Senator Boxer would extend abortion rights beyond the womb and into hospital nurseries

But what would she call them? Full-term fetuses? Senator Barbara Boxer, D-CA, would withhold constitutional rights until a baby leaves the hospital.


Via the Manhattan Project

I never could understand the “pro-choice” notion that constitutional rights are fickle — inclined to favor those with preferred levels of wantedness and in select locations. Tragically, though, that progressive viewpoint has influenced public policy for a generation, leaving a bloody backwash that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Think about it. Two humans are conceived at the same time. Months later, one lies in an incubator and one lies in the mother’s womb. If a doctor dismembers the baby in the incubator he goes to jail. If he dismembers the baby in the womb, he makes a payment on his yacht.

The problem with this kind of moral relativism is its insidious, progressive decay. If residence inside a womb makes it okay to shred a human being, then why not make it open season on incubator-users? When what? The entire OB-GYN wing? Heck, why not the entire hospital?

Sound crazy? Don’t blame me. I didn’t think of it. Dr. Paul Kengor had a piece in the Catholic Exchange yesterday recalling the senatorial debates some years back that led up to the ban of partial birth abortion — a late-term procedure where a human’s brain is aspirated after he or she has been partially delivered from the womb.  Kengor recalled that Senator Barbara Boxer, D-CA, who is up for re-election next month, fought passionately to keep this grisly procedure legal, revealing much in the process:

Senator Boxer was apoplectic. How could a compassionate America try to ban this procedure? This is a woman’s sacred “choice”—a fundamental “right.”

When pressed, the following exchange illuminated the depth of Boxer’s radical views:

So, [then Senator] Santorum searched for some common ground, perhaps a shared definition as to when the child secured rights. He asked Boxer if she agreed that “once the child is born, separated from the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution and cannot be killed?”

Boxer’s response? “I think when you bring your baby home,” mused the senator, “the baby belongs to your family and has rights.”

Good grief!  I can almost see the eject buttons and trap-doors in the Labor & Delivery nurseries. “Sorry Baby Jones, your mother decided you would be a danger to her mental health after all. Bye bye.”

We’ve already learned that liberal Supreme Court Judges are capable of conjuring anything from the accommodating “penumbra” of the First Amendment. That’s why we pray for the health of Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy. Because if it’s up to President Obama — who sees no problem with allowing born-alive abortion survivors to die of neglect in dirty utility rooms — we could looking at “constitutionally-sanctioned”  buyer’s remorse clauses for new mothers, complete with wantedness tests prior to breast-feeding and diaper-changing lessons.

Come on, California. Make us proud next month. Don’t you agree that it’s time for Senator Ma’am to retire?

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