A Constitutional roadmap to fiscal sanity – as easy as riding a bicycle

Here it is, folks: Hope for the future in a neat, common-sense package – complete with vivid graphics that cut through the crap and make saving the republic almost… simple.

Wow. Could it be? A roadmap out of despair? Two in the morning on Christmas Day despair? When you’re sweating bullets, surrounded with about four million mystifying metal parts, staring at the prospect of “Santa forgot your new bicycle” despair?

Yes, sudden rescue, in the form of a calm sane voice of reason: Go back to the instruction manual.

Here, Dan Mitchell of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity is that voice of reason, soothing our anxieties as we mire deeper and deeper in seemingly hopeless budgetary quicksand. There is a solution, and all we need to do is dust off our tried and true instruction manual – the Constitution – and everything will be okay.

Mitchell, points out that reducing spending only to the categories mandated by the Constitution would not only balance the budget, but would eliminate the need for the income tax. But he is realistic enough to know that isn’t going to happen. So he just suggests we dial spending back to the inadvertently successful levels of the Clinton Administration.  (I say inadvertently successful because Clinton’s initial big-government liberalism spooked the voters into sending small government budget hawks to Capitol Hill, and they were responsible for balancing the budget, but I digress.)

In any event, Ed Morrissey agrees with Mitchell, that a spending dial-back of just around 15 years would be enough to pull us out of the budgetary mire:

Bill Clinton. Heck, even Mitchell likes Bill Clinton … at least in comparison to what followed, in terms of spending.  Going back to the Clinton budget, even after adjusting for inflation, would almost immediately balance the budget:

Here’s the video:

The problem is that there are a lot of ideologically-driven busybodies in Washington who won’t cotton to relinquishing their say-so in the American’s personal choices.  They’ll never admit it, but they recognize the truth of Ronald Reagan’s maxim, “…a government can’t control the economy without controlling the people.” The only difference is, Reagan saw it as a warning. Our leftist rulers and their bureaucratic minions see it as a pass-card into our kitchens and living rooms.

Balancing the budget would mean kicking them out the front door. And that’s not going to take place without a fight – or big conservative gains in November.

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