Greta Van Susteren injects a needed dose of sanity into Gloria Allred’s bizarro world

This is crazy. Nicky Santillan, how can you just sit there while your new buddy, Gloria Allred compares you to Rosa Parks? Someone who, by virtue of her background and heritage, has a bigger claim to be an American citizen than most of us — while you have no claim at all.

Rosa Parks didn’t sneak into our country illegally, make a mockery of our laws with a phony social security card and drivers’ license, lie with impunity on a multitude of forms, and betray the trust and good faith of an employer who compensated her low-skilled services at three times the minimum wage.

You did that. And that makes you Rosa Parks how? Because you suffered so much at the hands of your employer who did… what? Was born? Had the misfortune to cross your path just when you were trolling, bogus papers in hand, for a trusting dupe? Happens to be a political opponent of your new-found very best friends in the world, Gloria Allred and Jerry brown?   

If that makes you Rosa Parks, Well, all I can say is identity thieves and documents forgers must be celebrating everywhere. Your time has come. Microsoft Publisher and a color laser printer are just the tools to make you the next Martin Luther King or Sojourner Truth.

This is indeed Gloria Allred’s California bizarre world, where, if you follow her twisted reasoning, a Harvard Diploma from Kinkos can transform you into Moses, Ghandi, and Obi Wan Kinobi all rolled into one, and the employer who believed your BS credentials and hired you is Simon Legree.

Well, here’s the video. I especially liked the part where Allred yammers about Santillan being an inspiring example to the downtrodden.  Like who? Millions of Mexican women like her who slave to make in a week what Santillan was paid in an hour – because they don’t choose to lie, flaunt the laws, and betray people’s trust? 

Anyway, we are all due for a little sanity, courtesy of Greta:

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