Katy Perry fattens her pocketbook by selling sex to impressionable girls

Remember Katy Perry, Public Television’s half-naked choice to educate your three-year-old on Sesame Street? Well, Ace of Spades had some comments about her profitable scheme to educate your 12-year-old as well – educate her, that is, about the fantasy world of “never look back” and “no regrets” sex extolled in the song, “Teenage Dream.”

Since this kind of exploitation is a gigantic peeve of mine, and Ace said it all so well, I have excerpted his piece here: (Or click to read the whole thing.)

None of this was necessary, of course, even if her motive was money. As an attractive woman with some ability to write catchy bubblegum pop, her career is fairly secure. It’s not like she was a Britney Spears desperately needing a comeback hit and thus resorting to the tried and true method of selling sex to younger and younger tweener girls.

This was just evil for evil’s sake. She wanted to be even more famous than she is (and she is already quite a bit more famous than her present, but very limited, talents would recommend), and she decided to grab at that on the backs of tweener girls, already immersed in a culture that tells them virgins are weird and having sex is what the cool, popular kids do, with almost no pushback against this message at all.

You would think that this kind of negative influence would lead to public service warnings and calls for chastity education, but, instead, most educators and self-described child welfare advocates have no quarrel with slutty pop singers or the unseen army of fat middle-aged record company executives who have learned that the artful manipulation of adolescent hormones is a lucrative business.  

Nope, those who would sell your child’s innocence for a Maserati or a beach house are not singled out for censure in today’s warped society. Instead, derision and vociferous opposition are reserved for those who promote abstinence programs or advocate sexual purity like Delaware Senate Candidate, Christine O’Donnell.

It’s in this context that I would advise all those people who think Christine O’Donnell is “weird” and “judgmental” and “too religious” for expressing her take-it-slow views on sexuality. Young girls — really young; tweens — are being sold this crap day and night by an insidious, viciously cynical pop culture that says it’s never too young to be someone’s Teenage Dream.

Ace took preemptive issue with those who would argue that Perry’s intended audience isn’t tweens at all, but young adults.

Um, they’re not for adults. This genre is called bubblegum pop, not “steak and potato pop.” It is designed specifically to appeal to the immature, naive musical tastes of children, a snappy sing-a-long sort of style that isn’t terribly different than jingles for breakfast cereals.

I’m not buying Katy Perry’s albums, and she knows it. 12 year old girls are. So spare me this “mature song about sexuality” bullsh*t.

Ace then described how the delicate psyche of immature, insecure, and vulnerable young girls is strategically targeted and pimped by those who sit on a mountain of trashed childhoods and count their ill-gotten gold – an occupation he called “just evil.”

Katy Perry is the sort of woman that many girls dream of being. She’s hot, obviously can have any man she wants, is (sorta) talented, and living every girl’s dream life.

They’d like to be her. But not every girl can grow gigantic funbags or a perfect bubble-butt. Not every girl can learn to play guitar enough to fake it on stage. Not every girl can land a million-dollar record deal and put out a string of catchy conspicuously-commercial jingles.

No, girls can’t do that. But they can easily emulate Katy Perry in one way. Every little girl could be someones Teenage Dream tonight, couldn’t she?

Again, this is just evil. And as “weird” as Christine O’Donnell’s campaign to encourage girls to keep it in their pants might be — what’s weirder? Being so “judgmental” as to be against this, or being indifferent to sexualizing young tweener girls?

It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. Luke 17:1-3

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:35-37

Enough said.

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