He’s at it again: Obama apologizes to stone-throwing decapitating dictators for secret ballots

Sometimes I miss Ronald Reagan so much.

Remember last month when the Obama administration went tattling to the U.N. Human Rights Council about the Arizona immigration law? Well, apparently the groveling didn’t end there. The report confessed to another transgression as well: secret ballots in union votes.

Apparently Obama believes that the privacy of non-union workers violates the human rights of labor organizers.

Why? Because it obstructs their ability to pressure and intimidate them?

Gateway Pundit:

Instead of securing the US southern border the Obama Administration turned Arizona over to the UN for doing the federal government’s job… And they didn’t even let them know before the report was released.

Now we find out the latest nugget of lunacy in Obama’s UN report. The radical Obama regime believes the un-democratic card check legislation is a human right.

You can’t make this stuff up. What about the miserable souls who subsist under the thumbs of the thugs at the Human Rights Council? I can only imagine what they must think when the President of the United States approaches their oppressors, hat in hand, and humbly apologizes for America’s brutal record of ID at traffic stops and secret ballots.

Whatever happened to the America that Reagan called “the last best hope for mankind?” 

Can you imagine Obama calling the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire,” bolstering hope deep in the bowels of filthy dark gulags? Or calling on Gorbechev to “tear down” the Berlin Wall? Never going to happen. And even if he did, it just wouldn’t have the same effect in the midst of all that groveling.

Obama and his fellow myopic leftists are the only ones who don’t see the Human Rights Council for what it has become: a garish farce. Like the Nobel Peace Prize.

Is the White House next?

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